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the choposnakes, they eat kirbies!!

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1--- the choposnakes, they eat kirbies!! on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:17 pm


welll....I had a dream last night and it was so weird. There was a giant blue snake thingy and it was eating kirbys, and like lal the kirbies were in danger. It was horrible and I didnt know what to do. Keep in mind i always have weird dreams. Anyway I got to thinking....what if kirby really is in danger, you know, what if something is out to get it, what if that somthing was in my dream Sad

idk wut the weird blue sneake thingy was though, but here is an artist drawing i did

Please keep in mind that I am not a good artist haha

Anyway be on the look out for somthing like that, I call it a choposnake. why? I dunno but lets go with it. If you see a choposnake in your area place contact me cuz kirbies in your area could be in danger. Your life isnt on the line, but these kirbies, these....cute little things are, and if you dont care about them....well thats just un american. Mad

So please be on the look out for choposnakes

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