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Pokémon Adventures Manga Guide!

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1--- Pokémon Adventures Manga Guide! on Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:14 am


Pokémon Legend
Pokémon Legend
Manga Guide!

Red/Blue/Green Chapter

Volume 1

All your favorite Pokémon game characters jump out of the screen into the pages of this action-packed manga! Red doesn't just want to train Pokémon, he wants to be their friend too. Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl seem game. But independent Pikachu won't be so easy to win over! And watch out for Team Rocket, Red... They only want to be your enemy!

  • Round 1- A Glimpse of the Glow
    The story starts in the quiet town of Pallet Town, with a couple of children trying to capture a Nidorino. Seeing the children failing to do so, Red, a famous trainer in his native Pallet Town, approaches and teaches the children how to catch a Pokémon. Red brings out his Poliwhirl, and uses Water Gun on the Nidorino, before throwing a Poké Ball and succeeding to capture it. On their way back home, the children start to ask Red about Professor Oak, the great Pokémon Professor. Stubbornly, Red suggests he is better than this Professor Oak, but keeps the doubt at the back of his mind.
    Red says goodbye to the younger children, and heads off towards his house in a different direction. Thinking about Professor Oak, Red accidentally runs into a Team Rocket grunt. The angry grunt shouts at Red and then walks off with the other Team Rocket members. Red notices some Poké Balls hanging off one of the Grunt's belts, thinking they must be Pokémon Trainers, he runs after them. After some time, the Team Rocket grunts stop, and Red hides in some bushes nearby. He overhears some of their conversation about a Phantom Pokémon inhabiting the western forest. After Team Rocket run off to the the western forest, Red runs home to grab an armful of Poké Ball to capture this "Phantom Pokémon" with. Shortly after, Red enters the western forest; he spots another trainer in the forest battling a rare glowing Pokémon, Mew. The other trainer, Blue, sends his Charmander out to attack the wild Pokémon. Mew dodges the powerful attack from Charmander and remains still. Blue calmly calls his Charmander back into its Poké Ball and lets the rare Pokémon flee. Shocked that Blue is going to let this Pokémon flee, Red impulsively comes out of the bushes and tells Blue off, but Blue says nothing. Determined to not let the Pokémon flee, Red chooses Poliwhirl to battle against Mew, commanding it to use Water Gun, but Mew suddenly counters the attack, knocking out Poliwhirl. Mew flies off, leaving Red and Poliwhirl in a daze. Blue steps in and tells Red that he made a foolish choice in battling Mew, as Mew was superior to him. Blue walks off leaving Red to cope with his thoughts and emotions. Later, Team Rocket appear still trying to locate Mew, but only find Red kneeling there. One of the members start yelling at Red, but the others say that finding Mew is more important than the kid, running off soon after.
    It is sunset on the outskirts of Pallet Town, and Red continues to walk home after a long day. He spots Professor Oak's lab ahead, thinking he should avoid the place, believing that Professor Oak is a mean, old nut. But then again, he thinks pulling out the Poké Ball that contains Poliwhirl from his pocket; he should meet Professor Oak and get some good advice. The story ends with Red ringing the doorbell, waiting for what comes next.
  • Round 2- Bulbasaur Come Home!
    When Red enters Professor Oak's Laboratory, in hopes that the professor would teach him how to be a great Pokémon Trainer, he finds an dark, empty laboratory filled with hundreds of Poké Balls containing the laboratory's Pokémon. In one of the Poké Balls he finds on a table is a Bulbasaur. Amazed by a Pokémon he has never seen before, Red shows his Poliwhirl to the Bulbasaur (while both are still in their Poké Balls).
    Bulbasaur becomes frightened of Red's Poliwhirl, just as Professor Oak arrives and mistakes Red as a thief trying to steal the laboratory's Pokémon. Oak rushes up to him and accuses Red of stealing, which sends the startled Red tumbling back into a table and accidentally releasing many of the laboratory's Pokémon outside of their Poké Balls. Oak is furious at Red, and just as Red is about to say that he didn't mean to, a Pidgey flies overhead and excretes on Professor Oak's face. Oak orders that Red return all of the Pokémon to their Poké Balls. Red succeeds after awhile.
    However, a few more Pokémon are still missing and Professor Oak hopes that none have escaped the laboratory. Red says that he'll get them back too, but Oak stops him and accuses him of being a thief again. Red denies and says that he entered uninvited and still offers to get them back; however, Oak says that it is late and the sun is starting to set. Red says that he is not giving up and rushes outside, Oak follows him on a bicycle and says that Red will never find them unless Oak helps him identify who the missing Pokémon are and threatens that he'll turn Red in after they found them.
    The duo reaches Viridian City where they find another of the laboratory's Pokémon, a Meowth, which Red manages to return to its Poké Ball. Red remarks that the last missing Pokémon should be the Bulbasaur, which they find shortly after. Frightened, it runs away into the closed Viridian City Gym, Red and Oak running after it. The inside of the gym is dark and covered with cobwebs. Red bumps into a statue of Giovanni as Oak spots Bulbasaur standing next to the gym's wall.
    Professor Oak chuckles and tries to persuade Bulbasaur to come, but Bulbasaur attacks him using Tackle. Oak winces in pain as he argues back that he is supposed to be Bulbasaur's owner, implying that Bulbasaur should listen to him. Red steps up front and comforts Bulbasaur, saying that it's alright to be nervous. Red explains that this is its first time in the outside world and that it was kept separate from the other Pokémon in the lab and saw only the professor. Oak appears to be surprised.
    Bulbasaur quickly warms up to Red. As Red pets it and offers it something to eat, a Pokémon cry echoes in the gym, behind them is a wild Machoke that somehow found its way inside. It attacks Red, probably in an attempt to defend its new territory. Bulbasaur stands behind the Machoke and releases a Vine Whip to stop Machoke's fist from crushing Red. Red is amazed and asks if Oak saw that and asks what Bulbasaur's best move is, but Oak had fainted from shock. Red then realizes that Bulbasaur has a bulb on its back and quickly thinks if the bulb can be helpful, but Machoke attacks again.
    Red notices a small ray of sunlight shining through closed window shades. With a plan in mind, he quickly opens the shades and allows the sunlight to shine inside. Bulbasaur's bulb collects the sunlight and shines, releasing a powerful SolarBeam and Machoke is knocked out instantly. Professor Oak awakes and asks if Red knew about Bulbasaur's SolarBeam attack, but Red just admits that he only knew that sunlight is transferred into energy by plants, and thus assumed that it would help Bulbasaur. Oak laughs.
    Professor Oak congratulates and rewards Red by allowing him to keep the Bulbasaur and Red is overjoyed. Now that the quest is complete, Red states that he didn't break into Oak's laboratory. He merely came to learn how to be a better Pokémon Trainer. Professor Oak decides to test him and asks if he needs a bunch of good tricks or a team of powerful Pokémon. Red ponders this and Oak answers that it's what is in his heart that counts. He comments that Red was caring for Bulbasaur and that their connection during battle was remarkable. Oak says that is what he needs to become a great trainer.
    Professor Oak gives him a Pokédex, and asks him to help complete the Pokédex by encountering Pokémon. Once the Pokédex has been completed, Oak says that Red might become one of the greatest trainers ever.
  • Round 3- The Secret of Kangaskhan
    Red is in the Viridian Forest searching for a Caterpie in a trip advised by Professor Oak to complete the Pokédex. He sees movement in a bush and sends his Poliwhirl to attack, but it's attacked first by a Charmander owned by Blue, who believed that it was a wild Pokémon. Red becomes angry but recognizes the boy that found the phantom Pokémon, Mew. Suddenly, they hear a loud sound and Blue states that he found what he was searching for. A Kangaskhan shows up; Blue doesn't lose any time and attacks it with Charmander. Blue takes out his Pokédex in order to see its information. When Red shows his Pokédex, they realize that they are rivals with the same mission. Red also learns that Blue is the grandson of the famous Professor Oak.
    The fire causes a lot of damage to the Kangaskhan and Blue tries to capture her a couple of times with Poké Balls but she rejects them; however, she doesn't attack. Red perceives that something is wrong, stops Charmander's attack, runs to the wild Pokémon and looks to her belly. Her baby Kangaskhan in her pouch was poisoned, so Red utilizes an Antidote to heal it. The mother thanks him and leaves; Blue is mad for Red's intervention and they present themselves "formally." Searching for the same goal, they head on their different paths.
  • Round 4- Wanted: Pikachu
    As Red arrives in Pewter City, a group of angry townspeople pursue a wild Pikachu that steals and eats their produce; however, every time they corner it, the Mouse Pokémon escapes using its electricity. After reading a poster that fell off a building, Red decides it would be in his best interest to give them a hand. Watching the townspeople's pathetic attempts (such as trapping it with a net), to try and catch the electric mouse, Red challenges it to a battle and chooses Bulbasaur to defeat the trouble-maker, only one Sleep Powder is used as it hits and sends Pikachu to sleep. After his reward from the townspeople, Red shows them his Pokédex and they watch in amazement. Afterwards, in the outskirts of Pewter City, Red tries befriending his newly caught Pikachu, but this is to no avail. Blue shows up and reveals he is planning on challenging Brock, the leader of the Pewter City Gym, and he challenges Red to try to be the first to defeat Brock and win the Boulder Badge.
    Red accepts and visits the Pokémon Center to prepare himself to the big battle ahead, but he finds the Center closed for damages, and the only Pokémon he has with full energy is...the troublesome Pikachu!
  • Round 5- Onix is On
    Red runs to the Pewter Gym's main arena to see a familiar face, Blue. He and his Charmeleon are battling in the ring. After watching the fight, Red registers, and prepares for his first battle against a muscular trainer and his Graveler. Pika stubbornly refuses to battle for Red and as a result, he is forced to send out Poli to battle the opponent. The muscular trainer predicts an easy win due to Poli's lack of health, however Red forms a strategy to take out opponent's using one hit knock outs and complimentary moves. Using Water Gun on the Graveler, he follows up with Ice Beam, freezing and shattering the opponent's Pokémon.
    Using his strategy Red battles several more trainers using only Poli and Saur, and they are soon facing the Gym Leader, Brock. The last battle begins with Saur and Poli too tired to continue and Pika still refusing to fight. Brock orders his Onix to use Rock Throw which Pika dodges all but one, infuriating it and he attacks Red. Thinking he has been tricked, Brock orders Onix to use its most powerful move, Skull Bash. The rock snake forms a torpedo and launches itself towards Pikachu, but Red rescues it just in time. This takes the Pokémon by surprise and it launches a huge electrical attack that destroys Onix, giving the victory to Red. Admiring his new Boulder Badge, Red tries to befriend Pikachu, but just as before, it pulls a dirty trick on him by shocking him.
  • Round 6- Gyarados Splashes In
    An injured girl is being attacked by an enraged Gyarados, with her Staryu defending her. Staryu nearly faints as Red appears. Red decides to help with his Bulbasaur. Thanks to the type advantage, Gyarados's Hydro Pump doesn't hurt the grass Pokémon. Since Bulbasaur uses Leech Seed, Staryu has time to recover. With Bulbasaur's Vine Whip and Staryu's BubbleBeam, Red catches the beast. Red wonders why a water Pokémon would be in that area, so the girl tells him that the Gyarados belonged to her. She explains to Red that while she was training the Gyarados last week, someone stole it. When she found it again, it was enraged. They wonder who could have been able to do something like that, and Red decides that they should call Professor Oak from the Pokémon Center to hear his opinion. When they call him, Professor Oak believes that the atrocity was the work of Team Rocket, an evil organization that uses Pokémon as experiments. He also says that the Moon Stone, a rare stone that boosts Pokémon's powers immensely, had been found in Mt. Moon and that must be what Team Rocket is after. Red and the girl decide to work together in order to get revenge on Team Rocket. She explains that Mt. Moon is on the way back to her hometown, Cerulean City, and she introduces herself as Misty as they run off toward Mt. Moon.
  • Round 7- Raging Rhydon
    Red and Misty are at the Mt. Moon entrance hiding in some bushes from the Team Rocket grunts. They all have the same purpose, to find the Moon Stone, a rock with a moon shape inscription that can enhance a Pokémon's power. They enter the caves, but it is too dark to see anything. Red sends out Pika and the darkness is no longer a problem. Suddenly, Red collides with a Rhyhorn, one that belongs to Team Rocket! Grunts. The Grunts, along with a Rocket Admin, surround them. In order to escape, Red and Misty must battle their way out. The battle goes on until Pika knocks out the rock Pokémon. Upon losing, the Admin injects a liquid that forces Rhyhorn to evolve into Rhydon. Furious by the situation and realizing the reason for Gyarados's anger, Misty attacks the newly evolved Rhydon with her Staryu. Unfortunately, the attack is returned by Horn Drill, pushing Misty against the cave wall and causing her to blackout. Thanks to the resistance and effort of his Pikachu, a huge cave piece falls in the middle and stops the fight, allowing a chance to escape. Now at the exit, after carrying Misty out of the cave, Red shows her what fell with the huge rock: a Moon Stone.
  • Round 8- Suddenly Starmie
    Outside of a huge mansion, Red is in disbelief that Misty actually lives in it. Later, before they eat, Misty appears completely dressed up when she, her maids, and Red are about to eat in the salon table. Red tells the maids what happened in Mt. Moon. Misty says to him that they need serious training to defeat the next Team Rocket admins, but he doesn't take the idea seriously and then laughs about her knock out in the last battle. Offended, she storms from the salon.
    Later that night, Red is in his room when he is attacked by a mysterious wind; however, his Bulbasaur saves him and he finds a Gyarados scale in the chaos. The next day, he tells the maids that he will defeat the Cerulean Gym Leader that same day. The maids begin to laugh at the idea. In the middle of the laughter, Misty says that she can take him to the Leader. When they arrive in the Gym, Misty reveals that she's the real Gym Leader and surprisingly attacks Red with her Starmie. She tells him that she was the one who attacked him the night before. Furious, Red chooses Bulbasaur but they are defeated by Starmie's BubbleBeam. She tells him that she really wants to train with him to become strong enough to defeat Team Rocket. Seeing the importance of the matter, Red finally accepts. A few days later, they say goodbye after an intense training. Hoping to see each other sometime soon, Red leaves with a Cascade Badge in his T-shirt.
  • Round 9- But Fearow Itself...
    Once again, Bill is fixing his new invention, a transporter, in his Sea Cottage when he locks himself inside the machine. The automatic process begins; however, there is a Rattata in the twin transporter. Bill transforms into a Rattata and ends up getting locked out of his house. Outside, Red, who has too many Poké Balls on his belt, finds the talking Rattata. It introduces itself as Bill, a Pokémon expert; however, in the middle of the introduction, a Fearow grabs Bill and takes him away. Red tries his best to save Bill, but it doesn't seem to work until a powerful electric attack from Pika knocks the bird down. Fearow goes into an offensive stance and Bill warns Red that it will use Drill Peck. With a fast move, Fearow's beak crosses Red's Poliwhirl. After being transformed back into a human, Bill figures that the target was a copy made by the original Poliwhirl and that Fearow was immediately frozen. Inside his house, Bill explains his invention to Red and decides to help him with his Pokémon's storage, the first one he takes... the Fearow.
  • Round 10- Danger: High Voltorb
    Red and his Pokémon are out for some fresh air on the hills near Vermilion City when they spot a huge ship in the ocean. A few minutes later, Red is in front of the majestic S.S. Anne. He decides to get in and creeps inside unnoticed. However, his adventure in the ship is short; when he sees a suspicious Pokémon in one of the rooms, he screams, and the sailors kick him off the ship. As he thinks about the mysterious thing he saw, an odd old man interrupts and asks Red if he can see his Pokémon. Amazed by his team, the old man introduces himself as the Pokémon Fan Club president and takes Red downtown to the Fan Club.
    Inside the building, a group of PokéFans chat about their favorite Pokémon and read their official magazine when the president, Red, and his Pokémon arrive. Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl instantly grab everyone's attention. A girl asks Red about Poli. He responds that he has had it since it was a Poliwag and mentions all the battles he has won with it. A sudden silence sweeps the room. The president explains that the Pokémon Fan Club doesn't like to force Pokémon into battles and they prefer un-evolved ones because they're cute. Suddenly a desperate man enters the room saying his Exeggutor has been stolen. The President sadly remembers his stolen Abra, and seeing the old man crying, Red offers help. Since the thief acts around the same time every month and a huge transport is needed to carry all the Pokémon, Red concludes that the S.S. Anne is the answer.
    Leaving Pika in the Fan Club as the president asked, Red again enters the ship. Back in the room where he saw the suspicious Pokémon, Red finds a Poké Ball, but when he tries to touch it, he gets zapped; it turns out to be a Voltorb. In a short battle, Poliwhirl ends up paralyzed, and a man appears out of nowhere and threatens Red for being a trespasser. Suddenly he sees Lt. Surge and is immediately surrounded by a bunch of Electric Pokémon ready to attack.
  • Round 11- Buzz Off, Electabuzz
    Aboard the S.S. Anne, Red discovers the real intentions of Lt. Surge and his sailors, to make money from the Vermilion citizens' stolen Pokémon. Ready to punish Red for his interference, Lt. Surge shows his most important guard, an evil chained Electabuzz. With only his paralyzed Poliwhirl to help him out, Red dodges the powerful ThunderPunch, which breaks the ship's floor with its force. The water on the floor gives Poliwhirl a chance to use its Ice powers to freeze the legs of his enemies, so with the smoke of a launched Poké Ball, Red escapes safely.
    Trying to find the exit, Red is spotted by Surge in one of the security cameras. When Red gets to the ship's deck, his unconscious Poliwhirl is suddenly grabbed by Surge. Preventing Red's actions with an electric wall made by his Magneton, he throws Poliwhirl off the ship; however, the angry Red can't do anything when he is being tortured by the Electric attacks of all the Pokémon including Electabuzz, and he's thrown into the ocean as well. Remembering how his little Poliwag evolved to save him when he was drowning, history repeats as a Poliwrath emerges from the water with Red in its arms. In a short battle, the powerful Pokémon sends Electabuzz and Lt. Surge into the air with a Seismic Toss.
    Now, all the kidnapped Pokémon are returned to their trainers and the sailors are arrested; however, the officers couldn't find Surge. The president of the Pokémon Fan Club, desperate, asks Red if he found his cute Abra, and Red says that he found it, but it was no longer Abra, it was now a big Alakazam; the president lies on the floor with disbelief.
  • Round 12- Wake Up-- You're Snorlax!
    Red takes part in a bike race but when it starts, he finds himself far behind everyone. However, he catches up when everyone stops at a river filled with Tentacruel. After wondering why only one person is crossing at a time, Red is told by a Swimmer that Pokémon are allowed to be used in the race. Thinking quickly, he sends out his Poliwrath in order to freeze the river with its Ice Beam. Red then rides his bike across the ice and gains a lead over most of the other racers. The race is going as planned until he reaches a fork in the road. One road goes through a thick forest while the other goes around it. Ignoring the warning of a Bug Catcher, Red decides to keep his lead by going through the forest. In order to go through the forest, he has his Pikachu shock all of the wild Pokémon and his Bulbasaur cut all the thick brush. Suddenly, a Beedrill hive falls on Bulbasaur's head, and many Beedrill begin to chase them. Emerging from the forest, Red rejoices about the fact that he is far ahead from most of the rest, even though he has many bee-stings. When he arrives at Route 12, he finds the swimmer and the bug catcher stuck at the dock. There is a Snorlax blocking the part of the pier that leads to the finish line. When none of his Pokémon's attacks work, Red comes up with a plan. He uses his honey-covered Bulbasaur to lure Snorlax from his sleep. It works, and the Snorlax chases him to the finish line as he wins the race. Red, after winning 10,000 dollars in the race, is forced to spend it all on food for his newly caught Snorlax.
  • Round 13- Sigh for Psyduck
    Red arrives in Lavender Town in the middle of a rain-storm and is looking for somewhere dry to stay. He tries to ask people for help, but they completely ignore him. While wandering around, he comes across an old man, Mr. Fuji, at a tombstone. Red asks what he is doing: he is paying his respects to his deceased Doduo. Red also pays his respects. Mr. Fuji appreciates Red's kindness and asks him to go to his house.
    At Mr. Fuji's house, he explains the origin of the Pokémon Tower, a cemetery built to respect the souls of Pokémon. Red wonders why Mr. Fuji's Doduo was not buried in the Tower; Mr. Fuji tells him that there are ghosts in the Tower. Red refuses to believe that there are ghosts, but Mr. Fuji states that the ghosts have made the townsfolk frightful and untrustworthy. While Mr. Fuji explains, Red is looking through old pictures of Mr. Fuji and his Doduo and stumbles upon one that has Blue in it. Mr. Fuji informs Red that Blue went into the Tower about two weeks ago and never returned. Apparently, no one that enters the Tower returns. Intrigued by the mystery, Red runs into the building.
    While wondering why there is an odd fog inside the building, Red encounters a Psyduck and is confused to see a Water-type Pokémon in such an earie place. But when the Psyduck's eyeballs suddenly sink into the back of its eye sockets along with some of its skins and revealing some bones as it crept closer to him, Red realizes that the Psyduck is actually a mindless undead. At the same time, many other undead pokemons show up and surround him in the fog.
    Red quickly sends out his Bulbasaur who whips the undead Psyduck into pieces using its Vine Whip attack. As the other undead pokemons close in on the duo, Red and his Bulbasaur dashes out for the exit in a panic. However, just before he is about to leave the tower, Red realizes that the undead pokemons can only stay in the fog. In the distance, he sees fire. The fire is coming from the tail of Blue's Charmeleon! He tries to run over to them, but Charmeleon keeps firing flames at him. When he gets a closer look, he sees that there is something different about Blue: he is being controlled by the fog...
  • Round 14- That Awful Arbok!
    Red finds Blue being controlled by the fog in Pokémon Tower. While possessed, Blue battles Red's Bulbasaur with his Charmeleon. In the midst of the battle, Red deduces that Blue is being controlled by a Gastly and tries to stop it by using Razor Leaf, which doesn't work because of Gastly's gassy body. Just then, Charmeleon gets ready to subdue Saur with a massive Fire Spin attack.
    In order to escape this dillema, Red has Bulbasaur use Absorb which not only sucks in the Gastly but also frees all of the undead Pokémon in the fog it created (as well as Blue). He then checks to see if Blue is alright. Blue shows his thanks (though he didn't exactly mean it) and then goes further up the tower to find the person responsible for casting spells on the town's people and creating all of those undead Pokémon using that Gastly.
    The culprit came out to be Koga. Blue has his Charmeleon attack him; however, it is only a projection. The real Koga is controlling his Pokémon from a distance and sends his Arbok after Red and Blue. Arbok sends an Acid attack but Charmeleon defends with Reflect. Afterwards, the reflect breaks and Charmeleon reacts by slicing through Arbok. Koga, defeated, leaves (determined to pay these two "brats" back), and Red and Blue leave the Pokémon Tower.
    Mr. Fuji thanks Red, but Red then acts modest and credits Blue for what happened. At the same time, the citizens of Lavender Town, now back to normal, gather around the Pokémon Tower to bury all of the leftover corpses of the undead Pokémon while Mr. Fuji finally finds a spot to bury is dead Duduo, knowing that it'll be forever in peace.

Volume 2

Red's Pokémon training journey is full of exciting challenges... Join Red as he competes with his rival Blue, travels through the dangerous Safari Zone, battles gym leaders for badges, and discovers the secret of a mysterious Eevee! And watch out for Team Rocket, Red... They're hunting you!


  • Round 15- Wartortle Wars-
    Red is busy training Saur, but gets concerned when it begins acting strangely after defeating a wild Primeape. Red's concern is lifted when he realizes that Saur has evolved into its next stage, Ivysaur. He is surprised by the arrival of Green, although he doesn't know her name, who flatters him by telling him what a good Pokémon Trainer he must be, and then offers to boost his skills with a selection of "Pokémon items" that will, make his Pokémon even "stronger". When he appears about to refuse, she becomes upset and then Red agrees to pay her 6000 for a selection of items. They are both happy with this arrangement and Green leaves Red with his new items, although his Pokémon don't seem too impressed.
    Red is given the chance to try out his new items when he is attacked by a wild Pinsir. He sends Pika into battle, using an HP Up. Then it seems that doesn't seem to work, he piles almost every item he's bought onto his unimpressed Pikachu. He realizes as Pika is sent rocketing skyward that he may have been cheated out of his money.
    Some time later, Red checks into the Pokémon Center in Celadon. While there, he receives a call from Professor Oak, who expresses his pleasure at Saur's evolution. He also mentions Blue's Charmander evolving into Charmeleon, and then adds that that simply leaves the third starter Pokémon, Squirtle, that has been stolen from the lab.
    As he leaves the Pokémon Center, Red thinks himself about the amount of bad people in the world, before running into Green, who is trying to sell her fake items nearby. When she sees him she flees, but he gives chase, determined to regain his lost money. In an attempt to escape, she calls out her Wartortle to Surf along Celadon's waterways. Then Red calls out the recently-caught Lax, which fills the waterway and bumps her back onto the pavement.
    When Red confronts Green over the fake items, she feigns an apology and says the only reason that she tricked him was so she could see him again. Grabbing him in a hug, she begs him to forgive her, before pushing him violently away and attacking with Wartortle's BubbleBeam. Red is ready for her, and leaps onto Lax, bragging that she can't outsmart a Trainer with two Badges before commanding his Pokémon to use a Mega Punch, which levels the pavement and knocks out Green and Wartortle.
    While she's unconscious, Red takes back his money and using the Pokédex, learns that Wartortle is an evolved form of Squirtle which sets him wondering. He leaves Green to recover in her own time.
    However, that night as he's getting ready for bed, Red is furious to find that his Badges have gone missing, while Green and Wartortle gloat over their two new acquisitions, the Boulder Badge and the Cascade Badge.
  • Round 16- Tauros the Tyrant
    In Celadon's Game Corner, Red is shown to have infiltrated Team Rocket, having learned that they too are on the hunt for Green, the girl who stole his two Badges. However, he gets more than he bargained for when he ends up in a secret underground laboratory. Where he and the other Team Rocket grunts are shown a half-formed Mewtwo, a new Pokémon formed from cells that the Grunts had obtained from Mew. And to complete the incomplete Mewtwo, they need more cells to be taken from Mew. This is why they are looking for Green, as it seems that she has stolen the disk which contains all their information on Mew.
    With this information, Red begins to look differently on Green, as he realizes that she too is working against Team Rocket, but his thoughts are interrupted as he and the other grunts are mobilized towards a sighting of Green. Making his way to her location, he finds her surrounded by grunts. She reacts by coolly tossing the disk into her Wartortle's mouth, and warning Team Rocket that if they attack, the disk will be damaged.
    Team Rocket attack with Machoke and Hitmonlee, but in their attempts to protect the disk whilst also taking down Wartortle, the two Pokémon simply end up injuring each other, much to Green's delight. As she gloats, Red is furious to notice that she is wearing his stolen Badges as earrings.
    The highest-ranking member of Team Rocket present loses his patience and calls out his Tauros, a Pokémon that he warns Green was the leader of its herd, King of the Safari Zone, and with the power to control other Pokémon. The Tauros commands all of Team Rocket's Pokémon at once, quickly neutralizing Wartortle and recovering the disk. with the tide of battle turning against her, and finding herself backed up against a cliff edge, Green switches Wartortle for her Ditto, much to the amusement of the Grunts present. As the Tauros charges her down, Red can't stand by and watch and throws her to the ground, protecting her as the Tauros passes by overhead and tumbles down the cliff with Ditto.
    Green seems pleased to see Red by calling him her "hero" but is confused as to why she isn't more concerned about Ditto, especially since Tauros has made its way back up the cliff. The Tauros turns all the Pokémon present against the gathered Grunts. In the confusion, Green grabs Red make a run for it, revealing Red's identity as an infiltrator in the process. Using her Jigglypuff, Green escapes with Red and the "Tauros" reveals itself to be Green's Ditty, utilizing its power to transform into other Pokémon, before returning to its Poké Ball.
    As they float away, the Grunts curse their bad luck but they quickly forget about the indignities they've just faced. Thinking that the mission is now complete, as they have now retrieved the "disk" containing the vital information about Mew. Back at the Rocket Game Corner, Green reveals to Red that she had given the grunts a fake disk.
  • Round 17- The Jynx Jinx
    Having escaped from Team Rocket, Red reluctantly leads Green back to their base, comforting himself with the thought that they may be safe, since Team Rocket have succeeded in retrieving the disk about Mew. Green gleefully reveals that they haven't - she gave them a fake, and kept the real one so that she could be the one to capture Mew.
    Green sends Ditty, disguised as Mew, to distract Team Rocket - and while the villains are chasing down Ditty, she shows Red a special device which can sense the particular brainwaves produced when a Pokémon uses psychic powers. Having keyed it particularly to Mew's wavelength, she can use the device to locate Mew's current whereabouts - and almost immediately gets a hit nearby.
    While they're searching, Red tells Green about the half-formed Mewtwo he saw in Team Rocket's lab, but she seems uninterested, informing him that she's searching for Mew because of the money involved - as the mysterious 151st Pokémon, there's no limit to what she could demand for it. Just as Red is expressing his disdain at both her and Team Rocket's prospective uses for the legendary Pokémon, they are disturbed by the arrival of Mew itself. Reacting quickly, the two Trainers call out Saur and Blasty. Working together, they use Blasty's Hydro Pump to make the fast-moving Mew a little more visible, giving Saur the opportunity to Vine Whip it and hold it still - but they are interrupted by the arrival of Team Rocket, bringing with them an exhausted Ditty and their own powered-up Jynx.
    With Saur's strength fading, Red tells Green to take Mew and run while he holds off Team Rocket - explaining that he would rather see it in her hands than used by Team Rocket to finish Mewtwo. Before she has time to escape, however, a powerful Psywave from Jynx freezes them in place, snapping the Vine Whip and sending a bound Mew hurtling towards Jynx.
    In desperation, Red calls out Poli, who meets Jynx dead-on - and is frozen solid by a powerful Ice Punch. This spurs Mew into action, prompting it to release a powerful attack which instantly knocks out both Team Rocket and Jynx. With one last look at the two Trainers, it vanishes.
    Green is upset that it's gone, but Red points out that at least it's safe from Team Rocket. Green agrees - and cheerfully considers the money she's going to make from the pictures she was taking of Mew while Red was locked in desperate battle. Red is left furious as Green escapes once again with her Jigglypuff - but his anger fades when she realizes that she's slipped him some gifts - a thank-you note, and his two precious Badges.
  • Round 18- A Tale of Ninetales
    The chapter opens with Blue carrying many coins at the Celadon Game Corner. He is told that he could exchange the coins for a prize: a Porygon. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Celadon, Red is trying to get out of Celadon, but bumps into Blue. After a short greeting, Blue walks off and Red mentions that 'he is as friendly as ever.' Suddenly, someone screams and Red sees that two people are being attacked by wild Pokémon. He grins at a chance to be a hero and immediately sends out Pikachu. However, Charmeleon comes out. Red is shocked and decide to call out all his Pokémon. However, he sends out Golduck, Machoke, Pidgeot, and Scyther. Red realizes this isn't his Pokémon. Suddenly, the two women say Red must be the famous Blue because he has a Pokédex, Charmeleon, and Golduck, but say that he is not good-looking. Red decide to battle and orders Charmeleon to use Flamethrower but instead calls 'Charmander.' When he is unable to control the team, the two women realize he is a fake and he goes away cursing his luck. He then opens his Pokédex. His Pokémon have all got switched with Blue's. He sees the Pokémon working out on their own and admires how Blue trained his Pokémon so well. He tries to make the Pokémon obey him by playing with them, thus trying to get them to swim with him.
    Meanwhile, Blue is training Red's Pokémon pretty well. He looks at the Pokédex and looks at the Pokémon that got switched with his. He then grins and decides to train them his way.
    After three days, Red and Blue's Pokémon sit round a campfire. Red offers the Pokémon dinner but they turn away. Red says how he just can't win with these Pokémon. He then reveals that he only caught two Pokémon during the three days: Diglett and Krabby. Then he spots a Ninetales and realizes it is fighting something. The 'something' is actually Red's Pikachu, being commanded by Blue. Blue has thought it a variety of moves that are not Electric-type and orders Pikachu to use a Poison-type attack. He then says that just because Pikachu was an electric Pokémon doesn't mean a good Trainer could not teach it non-electric attacks. He tells Pikachu to finish it but the Ninetales gets away. It runs toward Red and Red is scared. He sends out Machoke as the Ninetales uses a Flamethrower. Blue then shouts at Red and asks him whether he is trying to kill his Machoke. Red argues back by saying that Blue has also worn out Pikachu. Blue looks away, saying that it is no big deal. Then he tells Red to save his Machoke. Suddenly, Blue's Machoke evolves into Machamp and is able to weaken the Ninetales. Blue captures it with Red's Poké Ball, and keeps it. Although Red's Poké Ball caught it, Blue argues that it was his Machamp that weakened it and succeeds in claiming it.
    As the Pokémon return to their respective trainers, they find out something is wrong with their usual attitude. Blue's Pokémon have become cheerful instead of calmer and frowning more. Also, instead of being cheerful, Red's Pokémon have taken up Blue's Pokémon's usual attitude.
  • Round 19- Blame it on Eevee
    While peddling down Cycling Road, Red crashes as a result of a bouncing Tangela. It bounces toward a caravan of people who prevent Red from getting closer to their "Princess." As it turns out, the princess is Lady Erika, who apologizes to Red for the citizen's hostility. Upon her apology, Red challenges her to a gym battle, which is accepted by Erika. However, she tells him that first, he must prove his talent as a trainer by capturing an Eevee. Unsure of what an Eevee is, Red decides to contact Professor Oak. However, the professor is not available. Suddenly, Red bumps into Bill, who decides to contact some scientists.
    Meanwhile, at the Celadon City archery range, Erika is rethinking her plan to send Red out to capture the Eevee. Suddenly, she sends out her Vileplume to attack a hidden Drowzee sent to spy on her with Petal Dance.
    Back in the city, Bill is able to obtain some information about Eevee. It has been reporting using Fire attacks, so Red prepares his Krabby for battle. Suddenly, Eevee appears in front of him. Red sends out Krabby, ready to face the Normal-type. However, Eevee changes its shape and blasts Krabby with an Electric attack. Surprised, Red sends out his Diglett. Eevee changes shap again and defeats Diglett with a Water attack. Red calls upon Ivysaur, but Eevee is one step ahead as it changes shape and launches a Fire attack.
    Suddenly, Red realizes that Eevee is sensing the opponent's type by twitching its ears. He orders Ivysaur to user Razor Leaf to cover its ears, then defeats the Pokémon with SolarBeam.
    Bill then examines Eevee and notices a device implanted in its ear. It enables Eevee to switch between all three of its evolutions at will. With this knowledge, Red heads off toward the Celadon Gym to get some answers from Erika.
  • Round 20- Meanwhile Vileplume

    Red bursts into the Gym with Bill on his heels. He shouts for Erika to come out but no one comes out. They try to heal Eevee. As Bill was looking around, he spots a book titled 'Eevee Reconstruction.' Red turns around and questions who are these people. Bill begins reading the book. He suddenly stopped reading, and Erika appears, continuing what Bill was reading. Erika congratulates Red on catching an Eevee, and accepts his challenge. Red fumes and tells Erika that she had got Red to catch her reconstructed Eevee that escaped and says that he doesn't need Erika's stinking badge. Erika ignores him and says that she is ready and sends out her three Pokémon: Tangela, Bellsprout, and Vileplume while Red sends out Poliwrath, Ivysaur, and Pikachu. Erika sends Tangela and Red sends Ivysaur. He commands Ivysaur to use Vine Whip and reel the Tangela in. But Tangela throws Ivysaur away before Ivysaur could reel Tangela in. Red then sends Poliwrath while Erika sends Bellsprout. Red laughs saying that a little thing like Bellsprout couldn't handle Poliwrath. He commands Poliwrath to use DoubleSlap but Bellsprout uses Mimic and fights back. Red then sends Pikachu as Erika sends Vileplume. Pikachu dodges Vileplume's Petal Dance attack but Vileplume weakens Pikachu with Swords Dance. Red looks at the Pokédex and realizes Pikachu's health is very low. Erika smiles and says that Red can challenge her and she won't give any conditions as he has already captured the Eevee. This reminds Red about the Pokémon and Erika says that Eevee is near it's end and the least thing she could do is put out it's misery. Red won't let her and says that if he lets her get away with it, she will do this to other Pokémon. Red quickly orders Pikachu to use Substitute. Vileplume defeats Pikachu's energy clone but Red grins and says while Erika and Vileplume were distracted, Pikachu had already got to the reconstruction device and they will never open the Poké Ball. Erika laughs softly and says that rather than fight, Pikachu used the last of its health to defend another Pokémon. Red and Bill gapes in surprise. Erika then uses Full Restore on Eevee and reveals that she has heard about Red from Brock and Misty and was only testing him. She also reveals that Team Rocket was the one behind the Eevee experiment. Red agrees to help Erika against Team Rocket and receives the Rainbow Badge. Erika lets Red take Eevee along with him and Red skips down the road for his next adventure. Little does he know he is being watched by a woman sitting on her Kadabra.
  • Round 21- Long Live the Nidoking
    Red excitedly enters the Fuchsia Safari Zone, where he encounters his two guides, Pidgebots 1 and 2. Under Safari Zone rules, he leaves his Pokémon for safekeeping and hops on board a raft which will take him through the Zone via a selection of waterways.
    Red's excitement is short-lived, however, as the raft soon comes across two Nidoking in the middle of a raging battle over a Nidoqueen. The Pidgebots assure him, however, that he is totally safe, and while they are looking the other way, Red produces a Poké Ball he managed to sneak in with him and attempts to catch one of the Nidoking, but misses, instead accidentally capturing the Nidoqueen they were arguing over. This enrages the Nidoking and they smash the raft to pieces.
    Some time later, Red wakes to find a furious Pidgebot berating him for breaking the rules, and informing him that they'll have no choice but to walk to the exit, since the Nidoking will probably be looking for him. In an attempt to keep him safe, it gives him a Safari Ball, which is the only Ball capable of capturing a Safari Zone Pokémon (besides the Nidoqueen which Red just caught, which the Pidgebot puts down to pure luck). Seconds later, a Nidoking appears and attacks once again. Red attempts to capture it with the Safari Ball, but the enraged Nidoking simply bats it away, forcing Red and the Pidgebot to take flight deeper into the Zone.
    In desperation, Red grabs a rock and hurls it into the Nidoking's face, but once again succeeds only in making it even angrier. As the Nidoking attacks once again, injuring Red's leg, the Pidgebot is badly damaged in an attempt to defend him. He manages to briefly incapacitate the Nidoking by embedding a sharp rock in its head, and picks up the damaged Pidgebot, fleeing into the Zone. He expresses concern for the Pidgebot, which reminds him that it's just a robot, programmed to make sure that he reaches the exit safely, and he should be thinking more about his own safety than that of a robotic guide. It also suggests they form a strategy, but even as it tries to warn him of the dangers lying deeper in the Zone, Red is swallowed by a Victreebel.
  • Round 22- A Hollow Victreebel

    Red tries to escape from a Victreebel. The Victreebel sets Red upon a tree branch when a Pidgey robot guide appears to help Red out of his situation. They use the Poké Flute and Poké Doll to distract the Bellsprout and Weepinbell from eating Red for the evolution ritual. After escaping, Red bumps in to the Nidoking that he had fought earlier and catches the Victreebel that was fighting Nidoking. He then uses it to battle Nidoking, using PoisonPowder on it, and captures it as well. Still, many more Pokémon are after them.
    The next day, the old man and Pika find Red's cap where suddenly many Pokémon appear. Red is among them, and it is revealed that they are all Red's newly caught Pokémon.
  • Round 23- Make Way for Magmar!

    The round begins at Viridian City, where two people have gathered round the Viridian Gym. They discuss Giovanni's 'Missing In Action' status.
    A quick scene change brings the readers to Diglett's Cave's Pewter City exit. Red and Giovanni exit it with Giovanni holding a few stones that they would examine at Pewter later. Red thinks that he has seen Giovanni before, but Giovanni assures him it is impossible. Red makes a comment that 'every Gym Leader trembles in fear of [him]'. Immediately, Giovanni's expression changes. He pretends that Red was just joking but Red insists. Then, the two of them notice the sudden change in temperature. Giovanni realizes the heat gain was caused by two Magmar. Evidence of this includes the fact that the Pewter Museum of Science is on fire. Red rashly jumps into battle and calls out Snorlax as a wall while Giovanni watches his strategy. However, Red has no strategy and Giovanni is assured that he cannot beat the Magmar. Finally, Red unleashes his newly caught Sandshrew, and uses Sand-Attack. The sand suffocates the flames, but on the other hand, it also makes the Magmar angrier. Finally, Red tells Sandshrew to run in circles, creating a sandstorm-like effect and knocking the Magmar off their feet. Immobilized in sand, Red believes the battle is won.
    Later, Giovanni passes Red a translucent stone with a 'bug trapped inside'. As Red leaves, Giovanni defeats the recovered Magmar with his Cloyster's Ice Beam and uses it to slice the two Spitfire Pokémon in half. The chapter ends with Giovanni saying that it was foolish to 'imagine thinking that that little boy was any threat to Team Rocket'.
  • Round 24- What a Dragonite!
    In order to reach the Seafoam Islands, Red attempts to retrieve the HM Surf from under the water but it is guarded by a powerful Dragonite.
  • Round 25- You Know... Articuno
    Red obtains the Gyarados he previously faced on Route 4, but memories of that encounter make Red's Pokémon wary of it as a teammate. Meanwhile, Team Rocket attempt to capture Articuno.
  • Round 26- Holy Moltres
    When Red reaches Cinnabar Island he see the Rocket Grunts with Blaine whom later on Red rescues and finds out he was once a Scientist for Team Rocket.
  • Round 27- Kalling Kadabra
    When Red comes to Pallet Town he notices that something is wrong with Professor Oak, but it was really an impostor Kadabra. Meanwhile, Blue and Green are trying to get to Saffron City.


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