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Creature collecting games (or pokemon game clones)

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Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
First off, i had no idea where to place this. I wanted to try the gaming section, but there's no specific place for this.

I REALLY love creature collecting games like Pokemon, Monster Rancher, etc. I've decided to search teh interwebz to find more of these. I wanted help in this list process, so here it is.

Sidenote: all these games are on some kind of console. I'm not listing PC games or internet games.

Games i've found:
1.Pokemon (of course)
3.Monster Rancher
4.Foto Showdown
5.Dragon Warrior Monsters
7.Jade Cocoon
8.Crystal Monsters
10.Dokapon: Monster Hunter
11.Monster Racers
12.Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
13.Fossil Fighters


*moves* you had the right idea -3-

XDXDXD crystal monsters XDXDXD i remember that....


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