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Hoenn Ramakes: Clues within Black and White

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1--- Hoenn Ramakes: Clues within Black and White on Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:20 pm


Pokémon Professor
Pokémon Professor
so I've been playing B/W for a while now and I've noticed some clues that leads me to a conclusion that there's going to be a Hoenn Remakes~

Here's ze things I've notices:

-Some of the NPC claim to be from Hoenn, and Im yet to find someone that claims to be from Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh.

-Dive comes back (Dive was only available in S/R/E)

-After you beat the Elite Four, most of the Pokemon that can be found in the wild are from Hoenn (Ex: Absol, SolRock, Lunatone, Altaria, Swellow, Peliper, etc)

-The 5th Gym (the ground type gym) is an Emerald Mine.

-the buildings that connect routes have roofs based on the emerald stone.


The emerald stone:

-The B/W Elite Four Theme Music is a Remix of the Hoenn Elite Four Music

-The B/W Gym Leader Music has a little part of the Hoenn Frontier Brain Theme music

Other things to take in mind....

-Red and Gree/Blue got remakes (LG and FR) because the Gameboy got outdated

-Gold and Silver got remakes (HG/SS) because the Gameboy color also got outdated

-now, you might think, the Gameboy Advance is still in use. Well, Stores wont buy or sell GBA systems or Games. (some stores still do tho). Also, the DSi and the 3DS don't have the dual slot to insert gba games. So in other words, the GBA will be outdated pretty soon.

-I know, the 3DS will have a DS ware to download gba games, but nothing guarantees that Pokemon S/R/E will be available (look at the WII Ware, only 16 games from the N64 are available)

So what do you guys think? If you have anything else to add please do so ^^


Nellie Lovett

Team Rocket
Team Rocket


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Avid Trainer
Avid Trainer
at the moment its seem like their obligated to release a remake after a new game... Even after we thought they wouldn't release HGSS they did... If you just wait for the games 10th anniversary you wouldn't have to worry with all these hints.

Also they never confirmed GBA games for the 3DS... They did confirm GB and GBC games...



Mystic Trainer
Mystic Trainer
Actually they did as shown here: The inclusion of a Mii Studio (similar to the Mii Channel on Wii), Virtual Console (including Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and "classic games" in 3D), a cradle for faster downloads/uploads, multitasking, several included augmented reality games, included 2 gigabyte SD card, and stored game data. The colors available at launch will be Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black, and the launch price in Japan will be 25,000 yen

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