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Dead Space Series

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1--- Dead Space Series on Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:18 pm


Pokémon Hero
Pokémon Hero
Anybody heard of it? It's pretty much the best horror survival horror series I've ever played.

inb4 *insert opinion of which survival-horror game is the best*

It's really annoying being the only real gamer in my entire grade.

Playing: Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Space, Mass Effect
Watching: Beauty and the Beast, Glee, Arrested Development, Whatever anime I can find
Reading: Max Broox's works, The Necromancer
Listening to: Blue October, Wilco, Elbow, Tripod

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2--- Re: Dead Space Series on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:14 pm


Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
I heard of it once, but i really never saw of it.

Life is a Dream, a Wonderful dream in fact, Don't you love the word Wonder? I do, Wonder is Almost everything in your mind, Theres a Secret word that Wonder helps you with, Can you guess it? Everyone loves the fact how we are all Human, We are all not the same, we might love one other in some kind of way, but its a wonderful dream, or is it?
Thank you Griffin~!

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