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I wanna be part of the trend too! New intro post

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Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
It's been awhile since I've seen all of you. I am now 24, with a college degree. I spend a lot of time mobile gaming lately.

I was forced to break up with my true love. She was a huge money grabber, and even after confronting her about it she just got worse. It stopped being fun to hang out with her, so I had to leave for my own sake. RIP: Power Rangers Legacy Wars.
Forever in my heart.

Aside from that, I'm off and on working with pixel art. Also with code to create apps and webpages.
If you want to see some of the art I've done lately:

None of it too great, but I think I've definitely improved over 7 years. Still doing Pokemon sprite edits after all this time. I've done more art than this, but I don't upload it for reasons.

And that's about it really. I've lived a pretty boring life.

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Love your arts <3 even your top secret classified ones! (oops...)


Welcome back Loco! Hope you enjoy the partything. Maybe I can find out about your classified stuff? :V

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