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Pokémon GO - Who's still playin'?

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1--- Pokémon GO - Who's still playin'? on Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:56 pm


So the MAJOR hype has died down for this game, but I'm wondering who still plays it!?  Neutral

I'm sort of a "once in a while, if I'm out and about" player, then half the time the game needs an update and I don't feel like downloading it while I'm off wifi xUx;;

I've actually never won a raid, but the only one I tried was an Articuno and the two of us were so weak :<

My strongest Pokes:
Jynx, Flareon, Starmie, Furret ♥️

2--- Re: Pokémon GO - Who's still playin'? on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:19 pm

boy from asension

I'm still playing. Level 28, I have Lugia and Articuno but my strongest is a Gyarados. I've got a team of a Magneton, Gyarados (obviously), Dragonite, Tyranatar, Steelix and of course now Lugia and Articuno.

I've found if you want the legendary raids, you have to find a fbook/discord group for you area and plan out to get about 10 people to go to the one area~

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