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It's been a long time.....How have you been?

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1star It's been a long time.....How have you been? on Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:51 am

[DX] Dracario

[DX] Dracario
6 years.....

It's hard to believe that its been that long since I posted in this forum. Many things have changed since those days. I am now 32 years old and will turn 33 this November. I am still trying to find out who I am and what I should be doing. Things were going pretty good for me until a year and a half ago. I had a pretty decent job as a Production Supervisor for Firestone Building Products until they shut down my facility on Feb 26th 2016. Since that day I have been totally lost. It was a company that really drove my passion.

I wasn't able to finish college due to some issues I was dealing with. I never had the time to go back when I was working for Firestone due to the odd hours I would have to work. I thought there was a promising future with that company until we were notified of the shutdown.

Nowadays I am stuck with a "dead end" job at a printshop that at least pays somewhat decent. It's only "dead end" in the sense that there is no growth within the company. With the digital age being more relevant these days, printing may become something of the past. I am unsure of what direction to go at this point.

I don't know if I believe in anything anymore. I feel insecure about my future and probably suffer with depression. I just feel empty at times. My family doesn't understand and they don't care. I have been speaking with Alucinor in the Discord chat and they gave me some very good advice that I'll try to put to use.

This isn't my usual DX persona post. This is the real me. I hope that we will be able to get the forum back active again. Maybe this revival is just what I need to get out of this depression.

I really want this place back again, more than you could ever know. Please, help me.... Sorry if this took too much of your time to read.

Sorry if this video is too religious....but everyone of the faith has rejected me thats what this video potrays

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