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Allow me to give you the MegaMan timeline...

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1--- Allow me to give you the MegaMan timeline... on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:34 pm


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Yup. Gonna bore you with my MegaMan knowledge. I may be mistaken on some things of this timeline, but for the most part, it should be true, so let's begin...

Dr. Thomas Xavier Light and Dr. Albert Wily are the two leading authorities on robotics technology. They have created a humanoid industrial robot with combat purposes, which turns out to be ProtoMan (Blues in the Japanese version.). ProtoMan is built with a nuclear core that is revealed to be unstable, but his pride is too great; He refuses Dr. Light's help and runs off, a ticking time bomb.
Light and Wily take what they've learned, and make eight more "Robot Masters", robots with a higher level of AI than most simplistic machines. The first two of these robots are "siblings", named Rock and Roll, who are meant to do housekeeping work at Dr. Light's lab. The other six are industrial robots to help make life easier.
CutMan is a Lumber-cutting robot, and the first use of Ceramic Titanium.
GutsMan is a construction robot.
BombMan is a demolition and land-clearing robot.
IceMan is an arctic exploration robot.
FireMan is a robot made to burn garbage at incredible temperatures to reduce waste.
and ElecMan is a robot with a powerful energy source, in addition to an incredibly fast reaction time.

200X - Wily's Betrayal and the birth of MegaMan.
Dr. Albert Wily, growing jealous of Dr. Light getting all the credit, hatches a nasty plan. His plan was to re-wire the six industrial robots to make him his loyal slaves, so he could take over the world. Using a UFO-like vehicle he designed, he takes the de-activated Robot Masters and leaves Dr. Light's lab in shambles.
Light, fearing what would happen if these robots got loose, is unsure of what to do. Rock, however, offers to go de-activate his brothers and send them back to the lab for reprogramming. Dr. Light doesn't like it, but he agrees to Rock's offer, giving him an armor capable of taking hits from their weaponry, in addition to a plasma cannon largely based on ProtoMan's weapon. Rock takes his new name, "MegaMan" (Rockman), and sets off to defeat the Robot Masters.
MegaMan is equipped with the "Get Weapon" chip, a modification of a chip inside his body that allowed him to copy housekeeping tools. The Get Weapon chip allowed him to "steal" the weapons of the Robot Masters he defeated. Eventually getting all their weapons, sending them back to Light's lab, and getting the Magnet Beam hidden in ElecMan's area of choice, MegaMan returns home, to be transported to "Castle Wily", Dr. Wily's secret lair, the coordinates of which were recently disclosed from a transmission.
MegaMan defeats the guard robots, and the Copy Robots, which were copies of the original Robot Masters, and even a Copy Robot of himself, which matched him, move for move. He eventually confronts Dr. Wily in his airship, which is defeated in a tough battle. Dr. Wily manages to escape capture, though, and survives to plot again another day.

20XX - The DWN series and Gamma
Dr. Wily, using his skills in robotics, constructs his own Robot Master series, made to be upgrades to the original designs he and Dr. Light created. Among them was AirMan, the first non-humanoid Robot Master; BubbleMan, the first Robot Master to be created for Aquatic combat; and WoodMan, a robot made out of... lumber.
Unfortunately, they all had design flaws and defects. BubbleMan could barely function on land. QuickMan, although having an incredibly fast running speed and reaction time, occasionally lost control of his speed and ran into walls. Although HeatMan's shell gave him defense and incredible heat resistance, he was immobile. And MetalMan's armor was inexplicably penetrated by his own blades.
MegaMan defeats these rampaging robots, taking their powers, and also with the help of the "ITEM" series, a series of helpful tools to make platforms and help him reach Dr. Wily.
During this "Final Confrontation", Dr. Wily reveals that he is not of this earth, and is instead an alien being with the power to absorb MegaMan's weapons to recover health. However, this plan had a flaw, as Dr. Wily was weak to water, which was used in the Bubble Lead.
Damaging the alien enough, the lights flickered, and the alien is reduced to a moving ball-like robot, with Dr. Wily a few feet away, manning a control station. It seems the alien gig was a hoax, and Dr. Wily is defeated once more. He eventually agrees to make amends with Light and start work on a "peacekeeping robot", Gamma.

At some time during the MegaMan 2 events, Dr. Wily caught up with ProtoMan and replaced his Nuclear core with a more stable energy source, showing that he still had some kind of love for his old creations. ProtoMan's power was decreased, but he was less of a threat to himself.

During the Gamma incident, several Robot Masters of an unknown source attacked various places throughout the world. Not wanting the progress to be interrupted, MegaMan sets out to defeat this group of eight, taking their weapons in the process. At around this time, construction of a robot named "Rush", a helper for MegaMan, is completed. MegaMan takes this multi-purpose canine with him as he sets off.
While at these locations, MegaMan meets a mysterious gray and red robot, clad in a scarf and a helmet to conceal his identity. Using a plasma weapon similar to MegaMan's, this "BreakMan" attacks MegaMan, but instead of being destroyed, he teleports away before Rock can land the finishing blow.
However, without MegaMan to protect Dr. Light, Wily easily steals Gamma. Before Dr. Light can send MegaMan out to retrieve the robot and beat Wily, there are four mysterious signatures on the computer. MegaMan transports himself to the four locations, eventually finding, at each location, a robot named "Doc Robot", who has a similar "Get Weapon" ability, but more advanced, able to fully recreate the movements and weaponry of the original DWN series. Defeating Doc Robot in eight phases before it's finally destroyed, (Or possibly eight different Doc Robots.), MegaMan reaches Dr. Wily's Skull Castle, and eventually tracks down Gamma... With Dr. Wily in control!
It's a tough fight against the massive machine, but MegaMan eventually pulls through. Dr. Wily escapes, and isn't seen or heard from for a long while. The project Gamma gets its plug pulled, and peace is slowly but surely restored to the world for a little while. BreakMan confronts MegaMan and briefly shows his face, before leaving.
MegaMan had just caught up with his older brother. He looks through his list of the DRN series, and adds ProtoMan to the list, DRN-000

20XX: The Dr. Cossack incident
A bit of time had passed since Dr. Wily's last scheme. It seemed that peace had finally returned to the world. One year after the Gamma incident, Dr. Wily has finally met his demise.
Dr. Light receives a letter from a man named Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack, who issues a challenge to Dr. Light. If he is the so-called "leading authority on robots", then he must prove it. Dr. Cossack, claiming to be superior, sends his robots throughout the world. The test is to see just how powerful MegaMan really is; If he can defeat all eight, then he is allowed entry to Dr. Cossack's castle in Russia to do battle with Dr. Cossack's newest robot.
Along the way, MegaMan and Rush encounter Eddie, a robot that is designed to supply MegaMan with energy packs and spare bodies in emergency.
MegaMan eventually defeats these eight Robot Masters, and fights through the guardian robots to the depths of Dr. Cossack's lair to face his machine, which looks like a... pier arcade machine, actually.
During these events, ProtoMan had discovered something. Dr. Cossack has a daughter. And Dr. Wily knew this.
As MegaMan fights Dr. Cossack's machine, ProtoMan teleports in with Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka. Dr. Cossack, as it turns out, was being blackmailed the entire time. Dr. Wily had issued him to convert his Robot Masters into DWN-Series robots for Dr. Wily's army. However, with no ally and no way to push the Russian scientist around, Dr. Wily's plan to blackmail Cossack fails. Wily reveals himself to the world, revealing that he is still alive.
The coordinates of the re-built Skull Castle set, MegaMan fights through the newly built fortress, and confronts Dr. Wily's giant robot. Afterwards, in a battle that soon becomes a series standard, Dr. Wily takes it upon himself to put in one last effort; the cockpit ejects and starts attacking MegaMan. It's a tough fight, but the Blue Bomber defeats Dr. Wily once more, and the bad doctor vanishes into the shadows once again.
Without Dr. Wily over his shoulder, Cossack has no need to be at odds with Light, and the two colleagues make amends. Meanwhile, Wily schemes his next plan. If ProtoMan will be the one to undo his plots, then...

20XX: ProtoMan and DarkMan.
Dr. Light and MegaMan are awakened by a startling new development in the news, that shatters the peace from Dr. Wily's last defeat; Robots have started to wreak havoc again! An army of eight Robot Masters have attacked the world, and their leader is... ProtoMan?!
Just then, without warning, the scarved robot whisks Dr. Light away. MegaMan is only able to just watch as the familiar scarf drops from the sky. He has his mission: Defeat the Robot Masters and defeat ProtoMan.
At about this time, MegaMan had another new partner constructed for him, a bird named "Beat", who could act as a bodyguard, attacking enemies with speed and precision.
MegaMan tracks ProtoMan down to a castle made in his image. As he traverses the halls, he sees an odd sentinel robot, whose circuits are shown in a glass dome on its head. The robot attacks MegaMan throughout the castle, transforming to adapt to MegaMan's fighting, but is defeated each time. MegaMan finds ProtoMan, who comes in with a slightly off-tune version of his signature whistling.
At that time, ProtoMan had come in, and... wait, what? TWO ProtoMen?
The first one makes himself known, and transforms into a powerful sentinel named DarkMan, whose form is a perfected version of the robot MegaMan had been fighting throughout the castle. It attacks with great power, but MegaMan and ProtoMan defeat the machine. ProtoMan fills Rock in on the details. By making a fake version wreak havoc, he could easily arouse suspicion of Dr. Light, possibly making the public mistrust him. More important, his plan was to trick MegaMan into destroying ProtoMan. With only one robot against him, Wily's plans wouldn't have failed.
ProtoMan takes MegaMan to Wily's Skull Castle, where Rock has to fight against yet another giant robot, followed by the cockpit ejecting and attacking on its own. Wily is defeated, but manages yet another retreat.

Since I'm too lazy to type any more, I'll cover the next part later...
Upcoming Parts:
The World Robot Tournament. (MegaMan 6)
Wily's escape and the discovery of Bassinium. (MegaMan 7)
The evil energy incident. (MegaMan 8)
The rise and fall of King. (MegaMan and Bass)
Dr. Light's robots wreak havoc. (MegaMan 9)
The mysterious virus. (MegaMan 10)
And that will end the Classic series, and I can move on to MegaMan X and the creation of Zero.

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Hey, turns out after seven years I'm still garbage at drawing.


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Avid Trainer
You misspelled "threat" in the second section of the 20XX part.

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Wow the different "mans" actually have purposes?



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Expert Trainer
So, updated with the story of 4 and 5. Might do the stories of the Game Boy games, too...

Hey, turns out after seven years I'm still garbage at drawing.

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