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Pokemon Expansion Mechanics ... Love/Hate?

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1--- Pokemon Expansion Mechanics ... Love/Hate? on Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:08 pm


Pika Note So the card game has changed so much since any post was made here last xUx what new features do you guys love or hate? Here are some newer rules and/or additions to the card game:

Like a Star @ heaven Break Evolutions
Like a Star @ heaven Re-release of Gen 1 Cards
Like a Star @ heaven Mega Evolutions
Like a Star @ heaven Full Art Cards
Like a Star @ heaven All Gold Holographics
Like a Star @ heaven All Rainbow Holographics
Like a Star @ heaven Dual Types (old concept, but they brought it back for newer expansions)
Like a Star @ heaven GX // EX (ex's were also an older idea, but they brought it back)


Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
I like break evolutions, but I think they still needed some work.
GX's were more the style I was hoping they'd go. If you're going to build up a Pokemon through multiple stages, the final result better be more powerful than a general EX. Most times stage 2 Pokemon are pretty underwhelming. You only give up 1 prize, but the effort you go through for it just isn't worth most times.

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