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Terragon (looked to the Spice Rack for the name XD)

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Cool Trainer
Cool Trainer
The Vow For Darkness


An Empoleon and a Dragonite stared at a bouncing egg. It wriggled and rolled. The Piplup inside was punching at the egg.
A crack appeared. The Piplup kicked at it. The egg burst open. The Piplup tumbled out. "Well, it's a... a... weird piplup?" remarked the Empoleon. "It's a water-dragon type, Typholeon. And look at those shiny blue blades! How interesting!" said the Dragonite. "Nigo, it shall be named... Terragon." said Typholeon. Darken the Dark Lucario was watching. "Well, well, well. What a fine Piplup. What's her name? Terragon? Ah. Terragon. She would make a fine Dark Warrior." Typholeon and Nigo gasped. They protectively covered Terragon. For extra protection, Nigo used protect. Darken laughed a evil woman laugh. "One day, I will take away Terragon. Farewell, my FRIENDS." She snickered and spat. Then she became a shadow and melted away. Nigo was horrified. Typholeon cradled Terragon in her arms. Nigo kept glancing in random directions, afraid that a Dark Warrior would appear and attack them. Typholeon picked up the egg remains... and ran. Nigo ran after her. Darken's words rang in Typholeon's ears. "One day, I will take away Terragon. Farewell, my FRIENDS." The last sentence echoed throughout her brain.
--One day, I will KILL Darken. I will KILL her, Typholeon thought.

1: Terragon and Trektor

Terragon was at the Poke-Battle Training Class. "Hey, Blade Freak." Chimon snickered. "I am the strongest. Why do you think you can beat me? A Cranidos can bash you into ashes just with headbutt. Just let me see you battle against me, WIMP." he spat.
"Hey, stop that, Chimon!" a Shieldon said. "You think you can bash everyone into ashes? Try me!" "Heh. You, Trektor, will be DEAD before you feel a pinch of pain." Chimon charged at him. Chimon hit Trektor's shield. He was thrown back by the impact and was flipped onto his back. Everyone was laughing at Chimon. Chimon stood up and stamped his foot in a rage. "Which one of you will be first?" he said. Instantly, everyone fell silent. Chimon glared at each of them. They all shrank back.
Darken suddenly appeared in the room, grabbed Chimon, and melted away.
Chimon, as much of a bully he was, was scared. He heard of Darken before. Chimon heard of the Dark Army. He didn't want to be a Dark Warrior.
--This young lad is perfect. Darken thought. --Nice to have a Cranidos Dark Warrior. Even better a Rampardos.
Back at the room, everyone was staring at the place where Darken melted away, frozen in fear. Even Roserella the teacher. The Roserade was shocked. Terragon bounded over to the place that everyone was staring at. She looked down, squeezed her eyes shut, and thought of melting into shadow and appearing in front of Darken. Nothing happened. Everyone turned their gaze to Terragon. Terragon shut her eyes and imagined herself melting into the shadows. When she opened her eyes, she was in the Shadow Realm. She imagined herself materializing in front of Darken. Then, she felt like she was liquid. Terragon couldn't breathe!! But she didn't need to breathe. She was now a part of the shadows, wasn't she?
Darken was running along the Dark Army Mansion on her four paws. Chimon was holding on to her and squeezing her stomach out of fear he would fall off. He squinted his eyes shut... and jumped off Darken's back.
Darken felt like a weight just sprung from her back. She swiveled her head around just in time to see Chimon jumping off her back. At the same moment, Terragon appeared in front of her.
Chimon opened his eyes to see Darken looming over him. Terragon was glaring at Darken from behind. --Come here! she mouthed to Chimon. Chimon got the message and scampered over to her. "We will attack her together. You are too weak to battle alone. Fire your most powerful attacks at her." she whispered to Chimon. "I HEARD THAT!!!" Darken said angrily. "You got a plan b?" Chimon whispered nervously. "Run." she replied.
Terragon and Chimon sprinted through the hallways. They turned left. They turned right. They went straight ahead. Terragon and Chimon wriggled like worms through a crack in the wall. They jumped out and ran ahead. Terragon and Chimon ran and ran... until they came to a dead end. "Hold my hand!" Terragon said to Chimon. Chimon saw the fear and worry in her eyes. "Wh--" "Just do it!! For Lugia's sake!!" Chimon hastily grabbed her hand. She went into the shadow realm. She thought of appearing in the Battle Training room.
When they materialized, Roserella said, "Where have you been? You've been gone for an hour!" She saw Chimon. "Ohh, Terragon, you brought him back! You're a hero!"
"Not really. Things get worse than this." Terragon said. The class cheered.

Back at the Mansion, Darken stopped at the dead end where just a minute ago Terragon and Chimon have been. She cursed for a moment. Then she walked away. --Oh well, she thought. --I will get them next time.
Terragon went to her dormitory. --It's nice to have water wallpaper and a pool. she thought. --Maybe I should look in my desk drawers and see what's inside. I never looked in them before. All I know is Bubble and Watersport. Don't do any good damage. Maybe there is a TM with a move with some decent damage.
Terragon waddled over to her desk. She plopped down in the blue swivelly chair and opened a drawer. She found a neat stack of TMs and HMs. --Flamethrower, Fireblast, Water Punch, Water Fang, Liquidize... Wait, Liquidize? That might be interesting!! She thought. She put it in her TM & HM recorder and listened to it. "Huh. Time to put it back." She took out the TM, shoved aside the recorder, and waddled in front of the battling practice dummy. "Why, it's gonna be interesting. So what should I do?" She dug out the TM directions and read it. "Put the TM in the... Blah blah blah blah, don't care... Oh yes!! When you learn the move, recite the move's name in a battle." She stood in front of the dummy. "Liquidize!" she yelled. Terragon looked down. --It does nothing. How stupid. Terragon suddenly felt like her feet were becoming cold. She looked down. Terragon's body was becoming water! --Perfect for NOT getting hurt by attacks. she thought. In seconds, she was a puddle of water. Terragon made her body--er, the water-- become a Ditto. --Water Ditto! Sweet! she thought.
--Liquidize! she thought. She was back to normal. "This move is SWEET." she said. Terragon hopped into the dorm hallway. Glaciorta was padding along. "Hey, Glaciorta! Wanna battle with me?" Terragon said. The Glaceon gave her a confused look.
Terragon rarely challenged anyone. When she did, she challenged Charapike the Charmeleon. He was quite easy anyway and only used Growl.
Glaciorta confidently gave Terragon the first move. "Liquidize!" Terragon said. Glaciorta shot her a surprised look. She thought Terragon only used Bubble. But when she did shoot her the look, Terragon was already a puddle on the floor. "Blizzard!" Nothing happened to Terragon. Terragon slithered the puddle up glaciorta's legs and wrapped around her nose so Glaciorta couldn't breathe or speak. "Mmm. Mmmmmm!" Glaciorta struggled against the water. She felt dizzy. Glaciorta fainted. Terragon got off and became her normal self again. The battle promoted Terragon to level 20. Terragon glowed the whitest white possible. Glaciorta opened her eyes and was instantly blinded. Terragon changed. She was now a mighty Prinplup. Glaciorta opened he eyes again. "Are you... perhaps... different? Taller?" she asked. Terragon glanced down. "Well... I guess... so..." Terragon replied.
Trektor was pacing up and down his dorm. --What can I do to get stronger moves? he thought. Trektor hasn't opened the drawer with TMs and HMs. He went over to his desk and nudged the first drawer open. --Sucky old Defense Curl, Iron Tail... Iron Tail? Sounds like a move that will do some decent damage.
The next day at Battling Class, everyone (except for Glaciorta, of course) stared at Terragon like a freak. "Who is that freak?" Pokemon whispered behind Terragon's back. Roserella the teacher asked the 'new' student who she was. "Who are you?"
"I'm Terragon. I evolved yesterday in a battle against Glaciorta."
"Attention!" Roserella said. The class fell silent, all eyes staring at her. "This 'new' student is Terragon." She explained how she evolved. Trektor cheered. Evangeline did too, but deep down, she was groaning. Evangeline felt hate and anger flare up inside of her.
"I challenge you!" she said.
"Now is not the time to choose your partners, Evangeline. Please wait for teh instructions to do so." Roserella said.
Evangeline used Leer on Terragon while she walked away. Terragon growled back.
"Girls! Please!"
The Pokemon glared at each other. Terragon turned away and gave a little smirk. --Sucker! she thought.

Evangeline was at Swordsmanship Class with Zixor the Scizor. --Standing on your hind legs is hard! Evangeline thought.
"Up! Down! Left side Block! Water Stance! Metal Stance!" Zixor called out. Merkres the Murkrow was the fastest swordsman so he often slashed a small wound in himself as he did the drills.
Evangeline, though, cleared the drills with quite ease--speed, grace, and strength was a good combination for swordsmanship.
Trektor, the absolute worst swordsmanship participant always came out with a dent in his shield and a deep cut.

2: The Dark Army
Psyzox the Dark Scizor and Grescz the Dark Golduck were having a conversation about Evangeline the Dark Eevee. "She has qualities no Eevee has." Psyzox said. "She has excellent swordsmanship and other Eevee just ignore swordsmanship."
"It's a quality worth noting, though." Grescz said.
"But what good does it do for Darken?"
"She can be in the weaponry class."
"But she needs to be able to endure attacks and dodge them well, which means she must have quick reflexes."
"...She... is... a little... weak in the enduring area. But the quick reflexes cover it up."
"She is already in Evovee City's Swordsmanship Class."
"Darken's class is much more tougher and faster than Evovee City's class."
"But what my dear Psyzox?"
"Oh, whatever."
Psyzox flew away and thought about it. He was about to consider it when his thoughts were interrupted by Blasdon the Bastidion. He was stomping down the hallway, apparantely in a rage. Psyzox flew out of the way and watched him in a nearby corridor. When the light tremor stopped, Psyzox started flying again in the direction he was going in. Scythroiz flew by him. Psyzox darted into another nearby corridor. He looked behind him and hoped that his dorm was there. Darken suddenly appeared in front of him. Psyzox gave a little jerk. "You're thinking that Evangeline should be in the Weaponry Class?" she said. He blushed.
Psyzox knew all too well that Darken could read anyone's mind (she thought it was much more useful than reading auras). On the minus side, it embarrased him when she did that.
"Well... Yes..."
"I was planning to put her in there anyway. Agent Class isn't enough for her."

Back at the Pokemon School, Evangeline was listening intently to Roserella. No one had any idea that Evangeline was a Dark Agent. A spy. An enemie. News had gotten around Evovee City that the Elecireic Army was planning an attack on Darken.
When the young Eevee went to her dorm, she melted away to appear in front of Darken. "Darken, I have news."
"What is it?"
"Elecireic Army is planning an attack. We must prepare the Dark Base."
"Ah... Evangeline... Thank you for warning us."
Then Darken gave another of her evil woman laughs and dissapeared.

--All that good in the world is too much. Darkness is the answer. Darkness shall take over! Hope is the thread of light, the all too thin thread of light. In a moment, it will be snapped. By darkness. Evangeline thought.

"Lord Darkrai..." said Darken, who was kneeling at the Dark Altar.
"What?!" Lord Darkrai said in his usual raspy, intimidating voice.
"Lord Darkrai... Our army is growing weak. What should I do? I am having troubles snagging Pokemon for our army..."
"I will go with you, then. Let the forces of Darkness prevail, as the helpless forces of Light shall crumble at our feet!!"

"Lady Jirachi, Lady Jirachi!" A young shiny Buizel named La-Wang hurried to the Altar of the Heavens.
"What is it?" said Lady Jirachi with her calm, soothing voice.
"It is... A foretelling of a Vow! A Vow For Darkness by Darkrai and Darken!"
"You must remember, La-Wang, that I am the Wishmaker. Do not panic."
"No buts, Wang. I will have it taken care of."
La-Wang stalked out of the room.

"Hummmmmm.... Hmmmmm..."
Larakirio the Lucario and Reena the Riolu were meditating.
--I sense a presnce in this room, Reena.-- said Larakirio through her ability of telepathy when meditating.
--Lara, do you think its La-Wang?--
--One second... Yes, it is Wang herself.--
--Then let us close our minds and get back to the world.--
--See you there, Reena.--
--Lara, wait! Could you check the presence again? I think it is another Pokemon.--
--Checking... AAAAHH!!! It's Lord Darkrai, Psyzox, and Darken! And.. They've come to take us into the Dark Army!--
And before the could close their minds, strong hands grabbed them and the poor Riolu and Lucario were awakened from meditation. They were horrified. They looked at each other and helplessly grabbed for each other. In no less than a few seconds, they lost sight of each other.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!!" laughed Darken. "Helpless struggles!"
It was Darken's big mistake. Larakirio whipped her head around, hate flaring in her eyes. "You call us helpless?!?" she yelled. Larakirio yanked herself free from Psyzox's and Darken's grip and bolted after Lord Darkrai and Reena. "I'm coming for you, Reena!" Darken was surprised by the sudden outburst for a few moments, but she snapped out of it and ran after Larakirio. --With a speed of 157, no one will escape me! she thought. Larakirio, though, had a speed 289. Boosted stats are gained through meditiating. Lara panted but kept on running.
--Say goodbye, Darken! she thought and ran as fast as she could.
--Lord Darkrai will sue me for this! Darken thought. --He was sure that I would be able to keep Lara in my grip! He will KILL me!!
"I'm coming for you, Reena!" Lara said again and ran into utter, pitch-black... darkness.
"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!" said a slow, taunting, booming voice.
"Hello?" Lara called into the darkness.
"Lara... Lara..." she heard a very faint call.
"Reena? Is that you?"
"Lara... Come here..."
Larakirio turned her head, straining her ears to locate the sound.
--Right! she thought.
--Left! Straight ahead!
She paused for a moment, unsure if where she had ran was closer to the sound.
"Lara..." said the voice. It was a little louder this time.
--Left! Left! Right! Lara instructed herself.
"Lara... Meditate..." came the voice again.
--What did she say? Meditite? Is a Pokemon atacking her? But what would a Meditite be doing in the dark? Lara thought.
--Oh, meditate!
Larakirio sat down.
She heard humming far off. Lara closed her eyes and opened her mind.
The next moment, Larakirio was floating in space, looking down at the Pokemon planet. A soft turqouise aura was surrounding her. She saw something blue shoot out of the planet to stop beside her. Reena turned to Lara.
--Lara, is it you?--
--Reena! Where are you?--
--I'm right beside you!-- Reena shot her a confused look.
--No, no, I meant the maze!--
--What directions did you take?--
--Right, left, straight ahead, left, left, right.--
--Then go right, left, straight ahead, right and look left. You should see me. Now see you!--
--Wait! Reena!--
But Reena was already back in reality.
Lara sighed and opened her eyes.
--Right, left... Straight ahead, left? No, right. Then she said to look left. Lara thought.
"Reena!" she whispered.
"We need to get out of here!"
"Alright, Lara."
"Get on my back!"
Lara bolted back the way she came and ran out of the darkness.
"Keep going, Larakirio!"
Lara panted a bit. She ran all the way back to the meditation room. Psyzox, Lord Darkrai, and Darken were waiting for them.
"Uh-oh..." said Lara.
"Uh-oh is right. GET THEM!" said Darken.
"Run, Lara run!"
"Get off my back, Reena! Run away and save yourself! I will do fine fending off these... these... greasy dogs!"
As soon as Reena took the first step, the evil band of Pokemon started fighting Larakirio in unison. Reena turned her head. She saw Larakirio dying in a flurry of pincers and claws. Lara looked at Reena. A tear spilled down Lara's cheek. Reena stared back. A few tears slipped down her face. She backed away slowly, turned around, and ran. A lump in her throat made her cry. She thought of Lara and cried some more. A few seconds later, Reena collapsed to the floor in a pool of tears, unable to keep on going.
"Why, Lara, why?" she cried out.
"Why do you have to die?"
Lara was crying, too, fighting for her life. She was using attacks between sobs. Psyzox was the only one down.
"Reena!" she yelled.
And then... she took her last breath... and died.
Far off, a good friend of Larakirio's knew that death was coming for Larakirio and her. Her name was Elara and she was a Floatzel. They were connected, so if one felt sadness, the other would too. Then, both friends felt a sharp pain in the chest... and collasped, both dead.

3: The Vow
Lord Darkrai stared at the lifeless body he had just killed to confirm that she was dead.
"Darken, I believe she is dead." said Lord Darkrai.
"What about that little one... What's her name? Ah, it's Reena. We shall keep the defenseless one for ourselves."
"What good will a defenseless one do?"
"We will train her to be strong."
At Evovee City's Mayor House, an elderly Floatzel named Eldezual was sitting at his desk. "Maree.." he said. His messenger, a Flaafy, hurried to Eldezual's side. "Yes, mayor?"
"Maree... Call all citizens to the Town Square."
Maree hurried to the Town Square and waited for her mayor. As soon as Eldezual stepped into the Square, Maree yelled as loud as she could. "A message from the mayor himself!"
A light rumbling started as the citizens of Evovee rushed to the square. Eldezual stepped onto the small 'house' in the Square.
Eldezual waited until every last person was standing in the square.
"Citizens of Evovee... I have a message." he croaked.
"La-Wang has spoken of a Vow coming. And I think you all know what kind it is."
Eldezual looked down sadly as he spoke. The crowd gasped.
"We must stop them. But who will go? We all know there must be some teams that can stop Darken and Darkrai."
Terragon and Trektor looked at each other.
"We will go." Terragon said, gesturing to Trektor and herself.
"I will accompany them on their journey." yelled out Zixor.
"I will also accompany them." said Roserella.
"I will go with them." said an icy voice. All eyes turned to Glaciorta.
"What?! You got a problem?" she said.
"I will go." said Charapike. --Maybe it's time to stop using Growl all the time and throw some fire moves in battle. Maybe I could even evolve to Charizard on the journey! the Charmeleon thought.
"A team of six..." the mayor said. He considered it for a moment. He opened his mouth and paused.
"Charapike, Trektor, Glaciorna--" started Eldezual.
"It's Glaciorta."
"Glaciorta, Roserella, Zixor, and Terragon, meet the Master Training Coach at the Gym tommorow."
"And that would be who?" asked Charapike.
"Zenus the Aggron. Citizens dismissed. But team of six, stay here."
Eldezual got down from the Town Square 'house' and headed towards the team of six.
"Yes, mayor?" the team bowed.
"First of all, what will you team be called?" Everyone turned to Terragon.
"Team..." Terragon paused.
"Team... Metalite."
"Team Metalite, get a good night's sleep today. Tomorrow will be tough training."

The next day, Terragon woke up first. "Wakey, wakey!" she said in a fake, cheery voice. Charapike groaned and rolled off his bed. Terragon took one look at him. --Ahh, forget it. He's too weak to be on our team. she thought. The rest of the team woke up. Terragon ambled down the stairs in the small PokeCondo they were staying in for two weeks. Zixor took a deep whiff of the air. "I smell pancakes for breakfast." he said with his eyes closed. He flitted down the stairs. As soon as he got to the bottom, Trektor said, "Zixor, can you carry me down?" Still with his back to Trektor, Zixor rolled his eyes.
"Yeah, sure, I can carry you down."
Zixor flew back up and put himself in push-up position, waiting for Trektor to get on his back. --Push-ups just came in handy. Zixor thought.
"Ready." said Trektor.
Zixor's body was level as he flew down the stairs. He didn't want Trektor injured. Trektor jumped off his back. Zixor flew to the table with his body upright. On the table was a generous amount of pancakes in the middle. They all sat down and took a few pancakes on their plate.
"I wonder what training we'll have to do?" said Charapike.
"The question is, why did you even join Metalite? All you ever do is Growl." said Terragon. She scrunched up her face in a threatening look and rolled up her eyes. "Arrrrrr. I'm Charapike."
Metalite laughed. So did Charapike, but he was blushing deeply.
As soon as everyone finished their breakfast, Terragon jumped from her seat and headed for the door. Charapike took one glance at her and said, "I guess we should follow her..."
Everyone else left the table as Terragon opened the squeaky door. She raced for the gym, eager to get the training over with. As soon as she saw the gym doors, she slowed to a walk and opened them. "Welcome, Team Metalite." said a rusty, booming voice. "Ahem. Sorry. First, we have to warm up. Each of you, run 20 laps!"
As soon as Charapike was done running his fourth lap, he felt like he ran his legs off. "Coach--" he began. "Call me Zenus. I feel awkward when someone calls me that."
"Zenus, I'm... so darn... tired now... May... I rest?"
"Because you're quite weak, I guess power training won't be the right type of training for you. Maybe you should start with LoloBblla. She does gymnastics and is great to work with. Everyone knows also how beautiful that Lopunny is... Dreamy eyes... The perfect pink nose..."
Zenus was swaying as he looked at the ceiling.
"Oh, right, sorry..." Zenus looked down as he turned a deep red. He looked at Charapike and gave a feeble laugh. "Anyway, you should go to her. GO into the hallway and open the fifth door you see."
Charapike snorted. As Charapike shuffled away, Trektor was on the verge of completing his last lap.
"OK, everyone! Zixor, drop down and give me 75! 75 push-ups! Trektor, try to stand on your hind legs for at least one minute! Terragon, do 100 jumping jacks! Roserella, balance on one hand for 5 minutes! Glaciorta, start army-crawling under that net!" Zenus paused as he pointed at a 3-inch high metal net. "Start when I blow my whistle. Count the time as it passes by. Everyone has 10 minutes! 10 minutes!" He blew his whistle. As time passed, Zenus heard a lot of grunting, moaning and groaning.
At the gymnastics, Lolobella was trying to have Charapike do somersaults. Each time he failed, she buried her face in her hands and shook her head. --He's tough to train. Lolobella thought.
Finally, Charapike managed to do a somersault. Lolobella clapped and nodded. "Do it again!" she said. Charapike grunted as he did another somersault. "Great! Now let's try doing somersaults on bars. All you do is hoist yourself up the bar until your waist is level with it, lean forward, and NOT fall off the bar. Try it!" she said. "No... I'm tiiiired..."
"Heal bell!" she muttered. Lolobella's body glowed with white pulsating light. A beautiful bell sound filled the air. Charapike felt relaxed. Then he felt his energy return. "Yeah, I'm thinking maybe I should go on." Chrapike walked over to the bar, and with amazing strength, he heaved himself up. He somersaulted over and stopped in the same position. he jujmped off the bar. Lolobella was amazed. --Maybe he isn't that hard after all... Just maybe... she thought.
As soon as gym was over, Metalite gathered at the Fitness Centre lobby. Eldezual was waiting there. "Ah, there you are." he said.
"Now, you must all go to the Battle training gym. Collect some information on effective battling. Now go off to Fitness room 589. Scoot!"
Zixor clicked his pincers twice at his sides, then flew off, his head twisting this way and that looking at the fitness room numbers. "539, 541... 591. Shoot, I went too far." he muttered to himself. He looked back. "No 589. Just storage." Then he noticed that the sign was hanging on one nail and moved the sign up. There was something painted under the Storage sign: 'Fitness Room 589'. He opened the door a crack and peeked inside. He saw a little bit of a platform. He pushed it open wider. Cool air rushed into Zixor's face. Two platforms were there, on the gym floor. "Hey, here it is!" he called out to Metalite. Charapike ran to him. "Wooow...." he remarked. Charapike opened the door the rest of the way as Zixor's pincer dropped from the door. "Welcome!" said a Rampardos. "AAAH!" Zixor and Charapike jumped back. "My name is Dos." The rest of team Metalite reached the door. "Now, raise your hand if you're more on the weak side." Charapike, Trektor, and Terragon raised their hands. "Charmeleon, go with the Scizor, Shieldon, go with the Roserade, and you Prinplup, you're partners with the Glaceon." Dos said. "The names are Terragon, Charapike, Roserella, Zixor, Glaciorta, and Trektor." said Terragon, gesturing to each of them in turn. "Now, Charapike and Zixor, you're up! Step onto the middle of each platform and face each other. The platforms will rise and fuse." Dos ordered.
They did as he said and their platforms floated. "This is only a small exam! Do your best!" he called out.
Charapike stared at Zixor with intense concentration. Zixor's pincers started glowing orange.
"Focus Punch!" Charapike called out. Charapike flew through the air with his arm in front of him. His fist was like a comet, with a blinding tail of orange-red. Charapike hit Zixor in the stomach and Zixor doubled over in pain. He used X-Scissor as soon as Charapike hit him. "X-Scissor!" he said through ritted teeth. Charapike was thrown back by the sudden force.
"Flare Blitz!" Charapike was engulfed in flames. A huge fire ball was thrown at Zixor. Charapike burned himself. "Darn it." he said as he snuffed out the small flame. At the last second, Zixor flew up. "Fly!"
"Ahh, darn it." said Charapike.
"Focus Punch!" Charapike muttered. He stared hard at Zixor, who was coming closer every nanosecond. Zixor dove headfirst, wings fluttering as fast as possible to give extra force and speed.
He was now 10 feet away from Charapike. Charapike began the second stage of the attack. He balled up his fists. His fists started to give off the glow. They shined brighter.
Zixor was hit in his forehead, doubling the damage. Zixor was bleeding in his foot and the side of his face. One of his wings were torn. "This... is... not over yet..." gasped out Zixor. Then... He blacked out. Charapike looked down on him. He checked Zixor's heart beat. It was very slow and hard to feel, but it still was there. His breathing was very slow, raspy, and shallow. Charapike finally looked up. "He is out cold."

4: Strange Dreams and Nightmares
Zixor was deep in his coma, and he was having strange dreams.

He vanished into darkness. Zixor stood up and looked around. "Hello?" he said. Then he noticed that wind was rushing up. He looked down. A light was growing bigger underneath his feet. WHAM! Zixor hit the bottom.
He heard a low growl. "Ghhhhhhhrrrr..." He turned around. Zixor saw a black flash to his right. He looked right. "Ghhhhhhhrr..." A werewolf stood in front of Zixor, fangs dripping with blood. Zixor saw the werewolf's hair bristle. Zixor crossed his pincers, getting ready for X-Scissor. The werewolf crept closer. Another werewolf followed the first one. "Boo!" said the werewolf behind the first one.
"Ahhh, don't scare me like that!" said the first werewolf.
Zixor jumped back.
"Anyway, I'm Zhang, and this is Harramo." said the second werewolf. "Seriously, this is the place where people meet when they are in a deep coma. We eventually learned this. We are in our fifteenth coma. Sometimes I wonder, 'What is wrong with us?' Somehow, we fall into a coma whenever we sleep. So we tend to avoid sleeping."
"I was... I don't know... Well, I heard a thud and overpowering pain coursing through my whole body for a moment... Then everything was black. And I came here." said Zixor.
He looked up. The hole there had dissapeared.
"Listen, kid. A huge doom is coming between our two worlds. If we don't do something, our worlds may clash together and be destroyed. How do I know this? Well, I learned if two people in a coma in different worlds meet, a doom comes upon us. That doom is the same for both of us... So you gotta be careful, kid. Especially when it comes down to this."
Zixor was immediately knocked down from behind.
"I see you found your way to the underground..." sneered a rusty colored Gardevoir. The Gardevoir was holding a fire sword and it had light blue wings. She had a gold and green jewel in the middle of the forehead and she had a halo floating above her head.
"Oh, wait... Please excuse me. My name is Guardiavoir. Sorry for mistaking you for the evil Scizor I found in the meadow land.... Call me Guardia for short." Guardia smiled and hid her sword behind her back. She glanced past Zixor. Guardia's eyes widened. "Oh! Jesus, me! A great omen has come upon your two worlds!!"
"But aren't you part of the Pokemon world?"
"No... In fact, I'm queen of this world. Please refer to it as the Black."
"When I fall into a coma, I travel to a completely different world?"
"Yes..." Guardia hesitated.
"But do be careful. Great dangers lie in Black. They can be small black holes. In Black desert, there are potholes. In some potholes, there are black holes. In the meadow land, there are lakes. Some of those lakes are lakes full of nukes that will explode if you dive into them. And in the underground, there are tunnels, some of which are actually death flumes. Enter them and you will die. Of course, there are also floopies, cute little pet foxes that vary in color and design of fur. Beware the ones that have letters in their fur. Those are enemy robots. And they love to kill."
Zixor made a sour face. "Too much danger, I guess."
"Floopies like like this..." Guardia showed a scroll to Zixor.

Zixor looked questioningly at the scroll. The floopies looked familiar, yet he never saw them before.
"You saw them before?" asked Guardia.
"No, I didn't, it's just that they look... Somewhat familiar. I've never seen them before, though."
Guardia's jewel glowed intensely as she stared at his forehead. Her eyes seem to become neon yellow and glow. --Hmmmm... thought Guardia as she scanned his memories. --This is a very interesting case... I haven't seen this sort of short-intellegence mind.
"Short intellegence..." said Guardia.
"Hmmm? What's that?"
"It means... Well... I can't explain to you in words. I just have to show you."

As Zixor and Guardia were walking to the Temple of the Mind, Guardia snuck a glance at Zixor. Zixor's body was flattening into light, light darkening shadow.... The shadow shot upward, leaving behind a small fading trail of sparkleshadow. Guardia observed the dots of shadow as they faded.
--Oh no.... He... He's gone to the Nightmare realm.... Guardia's thoughts trailed off......

"Yoooouuuuu have enteeeerrrrred the reaaaaaalm of the Nightmaaaarrrre...." a booming voice coming out of nowhere, scratchy and hollow, struck Zixor. He jumped.
"H.... Ho... How did I.... Get here?"
"Queeeestiioooons lasssst.... Answeeerrrrs first. Firrrsst of allll, whaaaat is your nameeee?...."
"Ahhhh.... Wherrrre are you frommmm..."
"You are lying."
A cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows.
"Thank you. Now how did you come here?"
"I don't know..."
The figure lashed out at Zixor. The blow struck him squarely in the shoulder.
"There is noooo I don't know. You answer me."
"You ported me here?"
"Yes.... Now ask what yoooouuu willll...."
The figure stepped back into the shadows and disappeared at the word 'what'.
"WHAT. Are you."
"Iiiiii am a Shaguireeeeeevennnnn."
"WHO are you."
"HOW exactly did I get here?"
"That youuuuu will finddddd for yourselllfff...."
Zixor's memories of the realm faded.....

An hour later in the Temple of the Mind, Zixor reappeared by Guardia's side. She lay on the floor of the Temple in front of the Mind throne. Blood was spilling from her shoulder slowly. Zixor dropped to his knees.
"Zixor..... Just remember this.... When you need hands, picture yourself with hands or anything else...."
"Guardia, please, no..."
"I must go.... I am not completely immortal..."
"I must. I cannot control this.... I must go...."
Guardia's body faded as well as her existence...
"Guardia... You can't....."
"Remember me.... I will always remain in your heart..."
A voice echoed around the temple....
Zixor pictured himself with hands. A brilliant flash filled the temple....
...Just as he fell into black.

5: The Journey of Nothingness

Zixor thought of himself glowing intensely. He gave off a light and looked at... Nothing...
He looked around.
--Nothingness... A voice hissed in his mind. Zixor was bewildered. "Ya crap..." he said to no one in particular. He glanced around again. This time something cought his eye. Zixor walked cautiously toward the thing. --Do not go any closer... The voice said sharply.
--SHUT UP!!! Zixor shouted at it.
He crept closer. Zixor switched off his glow. The thing was still visible. His pincers glowed as he prepared for Speedlaser. His body flashed a bright light then glowed blue neon. He shot forward so fast, you couldn't see him. As soon as Zixor hit the thing, it exploded and every detail on Nothingness popped up so suddenly, he was blown back.
"What the f---ing crap?!"

I just copied and pasted this from another website. I wrote this, though, a while ago (dang, I rhymed)


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Interesting *Strokes fake beard*

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@Darknesswolf wrote:Interesting *Strokes fake beard*
lolz u liek the story so far? I ditched it a while ago...

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..didn't you post this on your old forums, like, last year? .3.

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Yes. Yes I did. But I just felt like posting it here.

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