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The Dreamers of Isshu

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1--- The Dreamers of Isshu on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:13 pm


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I don’t really know too much about the Isshu Region, only the information given out to the public, so please be aware that I will make certain things up- When the Pokémon learns a certain attack, the towns that remain unnamed, and the gyms, their leaders, and the gym type. And maybe a few Pokémon, though I may not have too since there are many Pokémon of the Isshu Region. Otherwise, this is my first Pokémon fanfic in a while, so I hope you can all enjoy it! ^.^

The Dreamers of Isshu
The Prologue

The world of Pokémon has many things to offer. What, you might ask? Well, above all other things, the over five-hundred and counting species of Pokémon. Our world, and all its regions, is teeming with these wonderful and mysterious creatures. The challenges from other trainers, the ups and downs of teaming up with Pokémon, and the thrill of meeting new friends on a journey to find out if your cut out for Pokémon training or not. Now, I never actually intended to get involved in all of this, I guess you can say I just kind of fell into these wonders. It was just a dare, one preformed with two of my best friends. But… that dare certainly changed our lives forever. Who am I? My name is Arlene Anderson, and this is my story:

“What did you say?” I asked, still shocked at the sudden challenge my two best friends and I had been issued. It just happened to be a very rainy afternoon that day back in… May, I think it was. So, as the kids of Mansume Village, the ten of us sat around the table in the house of one of these children- my best friend, named Belle. In a unanimous vote, we had decided to play truth or dare to pass the time until the rain cleared out. The game began innocently, now and then a question to the word truth coming out as a question of liking someone else in the room, and all of us would chuckle when the subject of that question and the answerer became as red as the tail on a Pokabu. But, when it came my turn to choose between truth or dare, I foolishly chose dare. There was mistake number one.
“I dare you, Cheren, and Belle, to ask Professor Araragi for your own Pokémon!” The girl straight across from me, named Paige, had dared confidently, her pretty pinkish eyes glinting in mischief. This brings us all the way back to my earlier question. Paige sneered at me from across the table. Her personality was never that of an angel’s. In fact, I guess you can say that she was the complete opposite. She always went lower than low, especially since she was competitive. Then again, Truth or Dare isn’t too competitive; she was just being a scornful little girl.
“You heard me. You, Cheren, and Belle, go over to Professor Araragi’s Lab, and ask for Pokémon of your own.” Belle tilted her head to the side, a sure sign that she’d always use to tell us she was confused.
“But Paige, we can’t just waltz into Professor Araragi’s lab and demand Pokémon! You know she only gives them to Pokémon trainers!” Belle ran a hand through her short, lemon-blonde hair, a confused film coming over her emerald eyes. Belle normally loved challenges, but even she knew that Professor Araragi wouldn’t think to give us Pokémon if we did not intend to set out on a Pokémon Journey of our own. Besides, she would never surrender three Pokémon to some foolish kids who wished to receive them on a dare. I looked over to Cheren, my other best friend, who was lost in thoughts of his own. He always looked like that, concentrated, his hand running across his jet black hair subconsciously. Behind his glasses, his coal black eyes seemed to be staring past everything. I pulled at his blue jacket, making him snap out of his thoughts. He turned to me.
“What do you think about all of this?” I asked quietly, trying to block out the chatter of the other eight kids around the table. Noticing we were missing the final piece of our trio, I pulled Belle over to us.
“I think…” Cheren began at last. “That we should do it.” I felt my eyes widen Ten-fold.
“Cheren, you know-“Cheren cut me off.
“Arlene, we’ve always wanted a chance to be up close and personal with a Pokémon. This could be a chance for us to do that.” Wasn’t he listening to everything we said about the Professor? Belle finally cleared her throat.
“What do we have to lose Arlene?” I shook my head vigorously.
“Guys, listen! It’s just a dare; we don’t have to go through with it!” Belle sighed.
“But Cheren and I want to… honestly; I was expecting Cheren to be the bearer of logic.” I raised my hands in surrender. Paige turned to us with the same confident smirk that I had always wanted to knock off her face.
“So? Are you backing out?” I gave her a shake of my head.
“No, we’re going to do it.”

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