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1--- Earthbound Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:17 pm


okay guys since i am an alternative-punk/grunger i am gona bring up my favorite game series that you may don't know and if you don't well you should.

earthbound series has a very special place on my heart no matter if you are an adult or a child. this game is for everyone. it's funny it doesn't take itself too seriusly and well it's better to play it yourself and you will know what i mean.

i am gona gona give you a small read up of every game thanks to

Earthbound zero/Mother(jp)

MOTHER (also known as EarthBound, EarthBound 0, or EarthBound Zero) is an original RPG that takes place in rural America in the 1980's. This RPG was groundbreaking in that it broke the mold of dungeons, swords, and dragons. Medieval weapons were replaced by yo-yo's and frying pans. The classic dragons, dark elves, and other demons were replaced with possessed cars, crazed hippies, and many other off-the-wall enemies.

The story, however, is a classic. When strange, ghostly things begin to happen, a boy named Ninten sets out to investigate. He quickly finds that he has psychic abilities and a mysterious past. He is joined by several friends who aid him in his final goal, which is to defeat the vengeful alien known as Giegue. However, to defeat Giegue and to discover an ancient family secret, he must recover eight mysterious melodies with superb power.

A few highlights from the game:

* being attacked by your own lamp
* fighting against an alien who controls zoo animals
* meeting a cat who swims on the ground
* finding one of your allies in a trash can
* having people sneeze on you to give you colds
* riding around in an army tank in the desert and destroying a giant robot to reach a cave full of monkeys

In-game MOTHER ScreenshotIn Japan, where it was released in the late 1980's for the Nintendo Famicom system, MOTHER was hugely successful. It sold around 400,000 copies and has spawned dozens of strategy guides, comic books, soundtracks and more.

MOTHER has four main characters: Ninten, Lloyd, Ana, and Teddy. The first three resemble characters in MOTHER 2 (EarthBound) for the SNES, and lots of theories about the connection between the two games have been presented over the course of time.

The gameplay on the overworld is similar to that of Final Fantasy. However, rather than seeing only the first character in your party while exploring the overworld, you see every character in your party following the main character, even if they're dead. However, battle gameplay is similar to Dragon Quest, for you see the enemies from a first-person perspective.

While wandering around in the overworld, you will randomly be drawn into battles with enemies. The enemy encounter rate is extremely high and as such this is considered to be far more difficult than its sequel, EarthBound. When you are in the battle sequence, you can perform many actions, such as attacking your opponent, staying on guard, using a PSI power, and fleeing. Because the game's enemy encounter rate is very high, the probability of fleeing is higher than that of EarthBound.

MOTHER Battle Sequence ScreenshotNintendo translated the game to English, but never released it. In 1998, a group of ROM translators discovered an auction of a prototype of the "EarthBound" cartridge. They contacted the individual who had acquired the game, and made an agreement to "borrow" the game for $400 so they could dump the cartridge to a ROM file. A ROM hacker/translator named demi performed the dump and subsequent hack, and edited the game's title screen to read "EarthBound Zero" (to avoid confusion with MOTHER 2, whose English name was "EarthBound").

Due to legal reasons, we do not have the EarthBound Zero ROM on Starmen.Net. However, we have a patch of the game that is helpful to those who are struggling.

Earthbound/Mother 2 a quote from many people is ''eartbound...that's the game of ness right?''

In 1995, RPGs were stuck in a rut that Dragon Quest had dug. Most were still set in medieval times, with knights and mages battling mythical monsters with swords and magic. Few games dared to defy this mold until EarthBound (MOTHER 2 as it is known in Japan). No other game was like it, except maybe its prequel, MOTHER, which had not been released outside of Japan. EarthBound introduced, and even today continues to introduce, RPG fans to an entirely different experience.

The story is set in the 1990s in Eagleland, a kitschy and romanticized parody of America (perfect lawns and quiet suburbs). No dragons, mystical knights, or staff-wielding wizards appear in this game. You are just an average 13 year old kid from the suburbs...until the night a meteor lands in your backyard. The local wildlife start attacking you, a gang of local hoodlums begins causing trouble downtown, you realize that you have psychic powers, and a mysterious messenger from the future tells you that you are destined to save the world.

But, before you face any of this, your mom reminds you to change out of your pajamas.

Armed with a cracked baseball bat, a lucky charm for protection, and whatever food you can find (including whatever gets thrown into the trashcan outside the burger joint), you begin your quest to stop the evil alien Giygas from destroying the world.

A few highlights from the game:

* obsessive-compulsive police roadblocks
* bribing crooked politicians
* saving a girl kidnapped by a cult obsessed with the color blue
* solving a town's zombie problem
* freeing a race of aliens enslaved by a talking pile of puke
* fighting hippies with toothbrushes
* wandering inside a psychedelic minus-world ruled by an evil statue
* being taught by a talking monkey how to teleport
* having your soul transplanted into the body of a robot in order to facilitate time travel

But, before you get too involved in these kinds of things, you should remember to call your mother. If you go too long without hearing her voice, you'll get homesick.

The War Against Giygas! In addition to this, the EarthBound universe draws heavily from pop culture. Some references/hat-tips you might pick up if you're paying attention:

* The Beatles
* Chuck Berry
* Monty Python
* Blues Brothers
* Little Rascals
* The Loch Ness Monster
* Stonehenge
* More Sci-fi-Horror B-Movies from the 1950's than you can count

The massive success of MOTHER 2 in Japan prompted Nintendo of America to give EarthBound a pretty heavy-duty marketing campaign - posters in video game stores and rental chains, ads in magazines, coupons for $10 off the purchase of the game, and even TV commercials (still pretty rare for video games back in 1995). The best part is that the campaign's slogan was "This Game Stinks."

EarthBound Box - Front EarthBound Player's Guide In addition to the marketing materials, the fine folks at NOA poured their heart and soul into one of the funniest and most thorough players' guides ever to come with a game. It even came with scratch 'n sniff trading cards at the back, one of which was a 'mystery scent' (that turned out to be pizza) that you could mail in to Nintendo and get a free air freshener (which bore the image of a pizza man from the game). Even EarthBound's box was an advertisement: instead of a regular SNES game box, EarthBound came in a huge, brightly colored box which held both the game and the free player's guide.

Despite the hype and effort, EarthBound did not sell well in America. This was due partially to EarthBound's simple graphics, which weren't designed to push the graphical capabilities of the SNES like other titles of its era (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI). Even today the simple graphics serve as a stumbling block for many potential gamers, but they belie EarthBound's brilliant plot and dialogue.

Mother 3(jp only)/Earthbound 2(just found in fan translation and rom packs)

MOTHER 3, the follow up to the fan-favorite RPG EarthBound(MOTHER 2) and third in the MOTHER series, is an RPG that breaks the mold used by the two previous games in the series. You won't find an imitation of America in this game, but you will find many familiar themes, a wonderfully written diaglogue, a unique cast of characters, a new rhythm-based battle system, and a gripping story described by MOTHER series creator Shigesato Itoi as Strange, funny, & heartrending. By the time you finish MOTHER 3 you will laugh, you will cry, and you won't want it to end.

Set in the Nowhere Islands, you start off this adventure on a remote island in an unusually utopian town called Tazmily. The people are friendly. Everyone knows each other. It's a lifestyle that many people can only dream of. But that dream slowly turns into a nightmare when one day explosions set the forest ablaze and the animals become more aggressive. From that on day things are never quite the same in Tazmily. The story unwinds and only becomes more intense as your party progresses through the ever-evolving environment.

Many new elements are intruced in this iteration of the series:

* Multiple parties at different points in the story
* Party diversity from a cowboy to a monkey to a tomboy princess
* PSI will first be learned through key story events
* Tell your memories to frogs you meet on your quest to save
* In battle, increase your damage by unleashing a combo by pushing the A button to the beat
* A rock band with a strong following
* An army of soldiers in pig masks

Elements returning from the previous game:

* Turn-based battles
* Laugh-out-loud humor
* Familiar foods as recovery items
* Nostalgic character designs, though heavily updated to utilize the capabilites of the Game Boy Advance
* An unbelievable amount of surprises!

MOTHER 3 began its development in the mid-90s. A sign posted in the town of Fourside in EarthBound stated that a meeting was in progress for a sequel. It was more than likely a joke at the time, but there was news of a game in the works slated for the Nintendo 64DD not too long after EarthBound's release. A video and playable demo were unveiled in 1999 at Nintendo's Spaceworld Event. A few screenshots, the demo footage, and two music samples are all that we ever got to see of that unreleased version of the game. It was cancelled due to development problems.

Shigesato Itoi shelved the game, but he didn't abandon the project. When commercials for the Game Boy Advance compilation MOTHER 1+2 started airing in Japan in the summer of 2003 they also included a teaser message stating that a new MOTHER game was in the works for Game Boy Advance. News about the game was slim until the fall of 2005 when Itoi started posting about travelling to work on a project on his website. The place he was going to was the location of development team Brownie Brown. Shortly thereafter Itoi opened a website for the Game Boy Advance version of MOTHER 3 and gave an estimate of the release for the summer of 2006.

The website, updated weekly, gave glimpses of the game and showed an RPG reminiscent of EarthBound, but clearly a fresh new title. The main character, Lucas, looked eerily similar to Ness, but everything and everyone else seemed completely new. Certain characters unveiled, such as Flint, showed that this game had something in common with the abandoned Nintendo 64 title. It was clear, through comparisons of screenshots, that much had changed in the time since the cancellation of the old title and the development of the new. Exactly how much was changed may never be known.

MOTHER 3 was basically the last hurrah in the Game Boy Advance's life in Japan. The DS was already released, so Nintendo's focus was changing. In that shift, MOTHER 3's localization chances diminished. The poor sales of EarthBound didn't help the situation either. Although the game sold fairly well in Japan and received excellent reviews, Nintendo has shown little interest in releasing the game outside of Japan.

MOTHER 3 content in Super Smash Bros. Brawl has shown us that Nintendo acknowledges the series, but the removal of the EarthBound demo which was featured in the Japanese version doesn't paint a bright future for the series. In the mean time, a team of dedicated fans have made it their mission to get a professional quality translation of MOTHER 3 to English-speaking gamers denied the privilege of playing this wonderful game. The translation patch, released on October 17, 2008 is currently the only way fans outside of Japan can fully enjoy the game without the assistance of a translation guide. Though the chances may be very slim, if Nintendo does decide to officially give us the game we are waiting for, we will willingly discontinue the distribution of the translation patch.

well i hope you one day check the series out it's a experience like no other even yahtzee from zero puctuacion loves this game and he hates every single rpg out there(expet for mario rpgs and earthbound)

2--- Re: Earthbound Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:52 pm


This game is so random....but it was really fun ^0^! (I was ness for halloween one year XD) How long it'd take you to write this one up??

3--- Re: Earthbound Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:49 pm


@Clover wrote:This game is so random....but it was really fun ^0^! (I was ness for halloween one year XD) How long it'd take you to write this one up??
2 minutes

4--- Re: Earthbound Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:03 pm


PKgrunge wrote:2 minutes

Lies D:
Unless you copy+pasted?

5--- Re: Earthbound Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:10 pm


@Clover wrote:
PKgrunge wrote:2 minutes

Lies D:
Unless you copy+pasted?

yup copy pasta

6--- Re: Earthbound Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:44 pm

Jenrya Miku

Jenrya Miku
Team Galactic
Team Galactic
yay, ness. c:

Earthbound 2nsas10
Earthbound 5b4c4p

7--- Re: Earthbound Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:23 am


New Member
New Member
lol I think it would be fuuny if someone dreesed up as porky lol

8--- Re: Earthbound Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:56 pm


Mystic Trainer
Mystic Trainer
I always wanted to play Mother but never could get a copy of the video game.

Earthbound Keysig10

Teh Keyz!

Earthbound 4854362863_105f9c93e3_o
Jolteon00 + MasterKeyX
I love yooou. :3
Like a Star @ heaven B.F.F Like a Star @ heaven

<333 Very Happy

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