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Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure

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1--- Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure on Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:11 pm


Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
Well to celebrate the first of October I wrote a story last night about what Team Rocket might be like on halloween. I was showing my friend last night who Absolutly LOVES team Rocket and she laughed her butt off=

This story was purely for my own amusement. I wasnt exactly trying to be funny in it, or write an actual epic adventure. PLEASE ignore all spelling and grammer mistakes as I believe there are not that many. Appreciate the story for what it is.

Things you should know:
1: My version of EXTREMLY stupid, He's very anoying because of his voice actor change and always says " Haw haw"
2: Your going to have to know Team Rocket to understand why some things in this story are funny
3. It makes alot of references to real world things as well as the show
4. This story is split into three chapters. All three have already been completed, but will post them one at a time. You can find the next part in an updated version of this thread later today.
5. Butch and Cassidy are in introduced in chapter 2, you have to know them
6. Don't try to review my writing style, its anoying.
7. Meowth always has weird fantasies of giovanni in certain episode

I think that's it...=)

Now for what you've been waiting for...

Chapter 1

One last side note, Im know your supposed to indent your paragraphs, but the forums isnt letting me do that.

It was the thirty first of October, late afternoon. Jessie had just gotten done fixing her Frankenstein hair in the sink when the door bell rang. Following the sound, she poked her head out of the bath room. Looking for any sign of James.
Another minute passed and the door bell rang, but still no James. Jessie was growing impatient, with a broad, annoying expression across her face.
By the third ring she was out the door, running past the living room with soap dripping out of her hair from the bath she was taking in the sink only seconds before. She opened the front door almost ripping the handle off.
“ Who is it?”
“ Haw haw, Trick or treat!.” It was Ash, but no costume was present. “ Misty said I looked scary without a costume so I thought what the heck, isn’t that right buddy?”
On his shoulders, Pikachu nodded in agreement.
Jessie rubbed her chin for a moment, then smiled, “ Trick!” she yelled, grabbing pikachu then slamming the front door in Ash’s face.
“ Haw haw that’s okay, I’ll come back later.” She could hear him walking away singing the season one theme. A catchy tune indeed.
Jessie locked the door, boarded it, than chained it shut. Running with Pikachu, she slammed into James in the kitchen who had yet to put his costume on. He had been counting his bottle caps on the kitchen counter while listening to the latest album of “Lil Wayne.” Jessie tore the head phones out of his ears and showed him Pikachu.
“ Stop Acting like an ignoramus! I got the Pikachu.” Jessie said, dancing with excitement.
James asked, “ So what do we do now?”
“ I don’t know…I never thought we’d actually catch it, I guess let’s uh..inform the boss?”
Strolling into the bed room, Jessie turned on the television phone and waited until the screen came to life, with an image of the boss: Giovanni half naked, dancing with several women dressed as pumpkins.
James squealed, “ All those fantasies Meowth had of the boss are true!”
The man continued to dance, until he noticed he was on call. He then stopped and the music turned down low, but could still faintly be heard in the background. He turned and starred at the screen.
Jessie held up Pikachu, “ We got it for you!”
“ What? Who are you?”
Giovanni’s assistant approached with a clipboard, and whispered into his ear saying, “ These are the idiots you keep sending to other regions to get out of your hair!”
She then backed away, giving a clear view of his face again.
“ Oh, It’s you failures um…Were breaking up.” Giovanni said, making crackling noises with his mouth. “ Signal is fading!”
“ But Boss! Your making that noise, I see your mouth moving, the signal is fine!”
Giovanni gave it a quick thought, then quickly shut the phone off.
Jessie starred at the screen for a moment in disbelieve, she turned to James, un sure of her emotions. He smiled uncontrollably.
“He’s so proud of us he had to get off the phone and give us promotions.” James squealed again, “ I’m so excited!”
Jessie let her emotions out, “ I know, were finally, Not losers!”
She turned to Pikachu, picked it up and took it into the other room where Ekans and seviper, her other pokemon were being kept. She laid Pikachu in the room and shut the door, singing to herself along the way. The two snakes starred at Pikachu, Hungry.

* * *

Ash walked quietly down the street, holding his power ranger Halloween basket, The next house was dead ahead. He was singing alone to his Ipod, while eating a piece of candy every few seconds.
“ I wanna be the very best—“ Ash heard a noise, took the headphones out his ears and paused, “ Haw haw where’s Pikachu?”
Ash looked on top of him, on the bottom, sides, in every possible angle but couldn’t find his starter Pokemon. He popped the headphones back in his ears and continued to sing.
“ He probably just needs to catch up.”
As he passed other kid’s, dressed up as wolfs, witches and goblins, they starred at him giving him a disgusting look, Ash was known to draw attention.
“ Haw haw, Hey guys!” Ash said waving, “ My name is Ash Ketchem from pallet town and I wanna be the….”
“ Ash we know.” One of the boy’s protested, “ This is the sixth time this week you’ve announced that, everyone knows!”
“ Alright guy’s! I’m all fired up and ready to go to more house’s, Yeah! Happy Hallowiener.”
“ It’s Halloween Ash!”
“ Maybe here in Isshu, boy thing’s are certainly different in Kanto!”

* * *

“ James How do I look?” Jessie asked later that evening. She was fully dressed in her women’s Frankenstein costume she found while reading the O magazine last month, while she was trying to become more like a girl.
Yeah, she thought, every girl likes Oprah.
She had put it all together herself and was satisfied with the final project.
“ You look scary.” James said, “ Really scary!”
Jessie crossed her arms, “ Excuse me?”
“ I mean your costume, It looks like garbage, that’s how scary it is!”
Jessie smacked James, who then collapsed, squealing with an unusually high-pitched voice. “ It was a figure of speech!”
Jessie held out her hand and helped him back up, “ Oh Well it’s hard to tell, what are YOU supposed to be?”
James wasn’t dressed in a costume instead he had striped his clothes off, and put on what he called a speedo.
“ I’m supposed to be a hunk.” James replied.
“ James just grab our glow sticks!.” Jessie commanded, “ Mine’s the red one!”
James opened the package they bought from the dollar tree and scanned for the red one. was the red? He could pick up the purple, would Jessie know the difference? But her eyes were fixed on him like a predator.
Finally, James handed her the stick, and she flashed it around with excitement before placing It in her candy bucket.
“ How’s My hair look?” She ran her hands through her long, long hair then back on.
“ It’s very scar..branci..” James wasn’t sure which word was the right word.
Before he could finish, Jessie said, “ You know what never mind, Let’s go!”
Five minutes later, Team rocket were walking down the side walk together, carrying their Halloween buckets. The afternoon air was cold, with a light breeze, Jessie had her mind focused on candy and she was going to get it. James and herself had put almost twelve month’s planning into the night, failure was not an option.
As they walked, to figures were leaning against a parked car watching as they strolled along. One was a ragged girl, with long blonde hair, mean eyes and a uniform similar to Team rocket’s. She was smacking her gum hard, and moving slowly in place. Her friend was a boy, with pale blue hair that stuck straight out on both side’s as if someone had gotten to him with electricity.
There name’s were Cassidy and Bootch.
“ The name is Butch!” The boy yelled at the author writing this.
“ Look at them.” Cassidy said, smacking her gum, “ They think their hot stuff.”
“ Yeah, we’ll show them.” Butch said in a gravely voice. “ What do we have so far?”
Cassidy took the gum out of her mouth, placed it her nose and grabbed their Halloween bucket, “ We’ll let’s see.”
She dumped the candy on the hood of the car and quickly went through the pieces, tootsie rolls, pepperments, a few rocks that had been thrown at them..nothing worth rubbing in Jessie and Jame’s face.
“ This is all we got?” Cassidy yelled. “ Where’s all the m&ms?”
“ M and Ms?” Butch said, “ What’s that?”
“ No butch, The ‘and’ is silent, M&ms!”
“ then your just saying MMMMM.” Butch had started making a humming noise with his mouth.
“ Shut up cutch.”
“ It’s butch!”

Chapter 2 has been added, scroll down

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Team Rocket
Team Rocket
I luv this it's hilarious! Ash acts so dumb! XD

Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure Furretrun

Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure Bwsig

Jenrya Miku

Jenrya Miku
Team Galactic
Team Galactic
@Goldenrod wrote:I luv this it's hilarious! Ash acts so dumb! XD


Nice story Barry.

Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure 2nsas10
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Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
Just as some background, This was originally going to be my story for ocotober issue of the " Zine" But decided not to enter this one because with all three parts it was just to long. I will be entering ANOTHER halloween story though.
I'm very happy with the results of this story, stayed up long enough working on it.

Enjoy, I know its early but, its for halloween =p

Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure Finalbarrysnewsigcopycopy


it's fine if it's long~


Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure Sig-dgrayman

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Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
I'll just write another =p They only take about 2-3 hours to make. By then, Ill have an idea thats 100xx better lol
Ganna add chapter 2 in a hour or two

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Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer

Chapter 2

The first house Jessie and jame’s visited was up the road. A large R shaped mansion on a steep hill. As they walked past the gate, James couldn’t help and wonder what the R stand for. Rocker, roatch, racing, rabies? He didn’t know.
Jessie rang the door bell and waited. A few minutes later, Giovanni opened the door, this time instead of being half naked, he was completely naked but with a towel wrapped around him, women still dancing in the background.
With one look, he slammed the door shut.
“ Man, How Could I not know what the R stood for, it’s so obvious! It stands for radical parties.” James announced.
“ Good thinking jame’s! We’ll have to try the next house.”
As they made there was up to the next, the lights were off, no care was present and the drive way looked as if it hadn’t been swept in days.
Something is defiantly out of place, Jessie thought, they forgot to turn there lights on!
When they got the door, it was locked shut, but a bowl of candy was present, a little note that read, “ Take one please.” Was present above it on the arm rest of a chair. Jessie grabbed the whole bowl and began to walk away.
“ What are you doing, it said take one!”
“ I Know I did, there was only one bowl up there.”
Jessie filled her candy bucket up, and tossed the bowl to the side throwing it into their yard.
A few minutes later they were at another house, this one was strikingly familiar for some odd reason. Jessie walked up to the door and rang it, waiting patiently.
She mashed her thumb against the button again and waited.
Still nothing.
She picked up a rocking chair off to the side and was about to mash herself in when she realized.
Hey, This is our house!, better lie to jame’s so I don’t look stupid, she thought.
Jessie turned and walked back to the road.
“ Where are doing?” He asked, “ We need to get their candy.”
“ Yeah well…there not home!”
“ But there lights are on…hey, is that my bottle cap collection I see through the window? Jessie’s they stole our stuff!”
“ James I’ll buy you a new one!”
As they walked away, three children dressed up a wolf, goblin and a witch were standing there, laughing and pointing. They couldn’t have been anymore than eight years old, so why were they laughing?
While stuffing her mouth, and having an unusually amount of chocolate present on her face, Jessie stopped and starred down at them, “ watcha want you little twerps?”
“ You shouldn't have taken more candy like that, you cheater, you stole freddie's candy!"
The boy took off his wolf mask and looked up at her with innocent eyes.
The other boy, the goblin continued, “ He was staying with us while his moms out of town, do you not know what take one means?”
“ I did take one.” Jessie said.
“ No you idiot! You took one bowl! Not one piece of candy! And where did you get that costume, the garbage?”
“ I tried to tell her.” Jame’s added in.
“ I made it myself, got the idea from last months issue of the O magazine.” Jessie yelled.
“ The O magazine?” The Goblin laughed, “ My grandmother reads that! That’s for old people! Anyone with any sense would know that the O magazine doesn’t have idea’s for cool costumes, go to the elderly home, they’ll all be wearing the same thing” he turned to James, “ And what about you weirdo, what’s your story?”
“ I’m a hunk.”
“ More like a punk, and I hope you know that isn’t a speedo, it’s a diaper.”
James looked down, He’s right!
He turned to Jessie, “ Why Didn’t you tell me?”
“ Hey, I thought you knew.” Jessie shrugged, “ At least you know why the first R shaped house slammed the door on us.”
The Goblin shook his head, pressing his hand firmly against his forehead, “ Man you guys are pathetic!”
“ Bag them and gag them.” The wolf commanded.
“ No!” James squealed, He tried to remember what he had learned in the women’s self defense classes he had taken with Jessie. 1) Work is ladies. 2) Come on, move! 3) Ten more reps! Nothing could help him now. He grabbed his bucket, and ran down the road screaming.

* * *

Jessie awoke an hour an hour later, tied to a chair by a saga game controller. The room she was small, there was a desk, a bed and a chair on the far side of the room. The last thing she noticed was the television mounted on the back wall. The Goblin kid returned drinking Gatorade, but this time without his costume, they had taken Jessie to their house.
“ You guys are sick!” Jessie protested, “ At least wrap me with a game cube controller, I play Nintendo!”
Goblin had an idea.
“ How much do you love Nintendo?”
“ A lot! More then you’ll ever know twerp! You’ll never get me to talk.”
“ Really?”
“ Really!”
“ What’s your favorite franchise within the company?” The young boy asked, starring at her.
“ Pokemon of course, they do a respectable job on making me look great on the small screen….wait what does this have to do with anything anyway?”
“ You’ll see.” Goblin disappeared for a moment, then came back with Witch and Wolf, who then picked her chair up, dragged her into the living room and set her down next to the fire place next to a group of pokemon stuff.
The boy picked up yellow version.
“ What are you ganna do with that?” Jessie asked, worried.
The boy threw it into the fire place and smiled.
Jessie broke down into tear’s crying, the pain was burning every nurse in her body. For a moment she couldn’t breath, her heart was pounding. She had never heard of such.
“ What is wrong with you!?”
“ Were about to see results.”
“ For what!?”
“ I’m going to make you suffer! Suffer the same way everyone else did when they looked at your horrible costumes! You sicko! You make me sick!.” The boy began to scream, “ What is your problem?”
“Calm down Goblin.” Wolf commanded, “ Isten, why don’t you go take a break?”
The boy walked away and went into the kitchen where he continued to kick and scream.
Wolf grabbed a Pikachu doll and held it up.
“ No, Please! That’s limited edition!”
He threw it into the fire.
Jessie was going insane, this mental and physical torture was too much, right now she felt as if she’d rather be dead. She danced around in the chair and accidently fell backwards breaking the coffee table. Who was to rescue her now?
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It faded for a few minutes until there was another, much louder knock that echoed throughout the room. Witch went to go look out the peep hole, and saw something strange.
“ Golbin come here!” she said.
The boy did as he was told and went to the door, the giant hand was there again, this time balled up into a fist. There was a loud boom, and the entire front side of the house was torn open, Witch and Goblin were instantly buried until the gravel. But it wasn’t a hand, it was part of a robot, with james in the drivers seat, fully clothes. He swung the robots fist and picked up wolf.
“ Oh my gosh! It’s the rocketmatic robot we used in episode three of diamond and pearl!”
Jessie ran up, and jumped onto the robot’s hand, it lifted her up and placed her in the seat behind James.
“ Prepare for trouble, its Halloween night.” Jessie called out.
“ Make it double, your in for a fright.”
“ To protect the world from devastation.”
“ To unite all…wait Jessie, what’s my line again, I’m used to the new motto.”
Jessie dug in her pockets, “ Hold on James I have the lines somewhere in case you’d forget them.”
“ Goblin could you hold on while Jessie finds my lines? We can’t have a dramatic battle until we do our motto correctly.” James explain, while Jessie started looking in her purse.
“ I know it’s somewhere.” She said.
“ Jessie why don’t you just tell jame’s his lines…you know what! I don’t have time for this.” The boy growled.
Goblin took out a pokeball.
“ No wait!” Jessie protested, “ I’ve almost got it!”
“ Fine.” The boy looked down. She starting digging in her hair taking out money, old clothes, a dog but no sheet of paper with Jame’s motto lines on it.
An hour later, the boy had fallen asleep on the floor and team rocket were still looking.
“ Oh, Here it is.” Jessie said holding it up, “ It was in my bra the whole time, learned that from the O magazine as well, women always keep things in their bras.”
She handed the sheet to james who then opened it.
“ Alright let’s start where we left off.”
“ To unite all peoples within our nations.”
“ To denounce the evils of truth and love!”
“ to extend our reach to the stars above.”
“ Jessie.”
“ James.”
“ and ash, haw haw.” A voice said, Ash was sitting on the floor eating popcorn. “ Hope you guy’s don’t mind if I stick around, My mom kicked me out, said something about how annoying I got since they changed my voice actor.”
“ Quiet twerp! Were trying to deal with another twerp.”
“ Oh.” Ash said, “ The kid on the floor, we’ll he’s asleep.”
“ He slept through our motto! NOBODY sleeps through our motto!” Jesse stood up, fire in her eyes.
“ Hey where’s Pikachu?” Ash randomly asked. “ I Haven’t seen him for the past four hours….team rocket are you up to no good again?”
“ What do you think we’ve been doing twerp!?”
“ I knew it the whole time! “ Ash reached for a pokeball, but forgot he didn’t have any. He had given them all way or sent them back to oak’s lab. “ If This little kid can’t stop you, I will!”
Ash jumped onto the machine and began to climb up the metal arm as if thinking he was actually doing the damage. He threw his fist, and slammed it against the metal shell and cried out, somersaulted off the arm and landed flat on his face in the living room.
“ Sorry Ash!” Jessie taunted, “ I sprayed this with Twerps-a-way this morning, you can’t do anything.”
“ I won’t give up!” Ash called out, raising his voice. He jumped up and latched back onto the robot, James tried to shake him off, but it was impossible. “It’s a good thing I stopped by walmart this morning and bought mega glue, you can't knock me off!”
James stopped to Realize Ash was actually stuck to the vehicle. Ash couldn’t do anything else if he couldn’t move. A brave but stupid move.
“ We won!” Jame’s cheered, “ We beat the twerps! We beat the twerps! This is the best Halloween ever!”

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Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
Please excuse my double post, Im making this, because I think i reached my character limit for the post above.

But Im going to write more team rocket stories alot similiar to this, all parodies. I like making fun of team rocket, so might as well. I do LOVE them's just fun,and alot diffrent writing from what i normally do.
I'll have to write another halloween one BEFORE halloween.
I'll post another, seperate story in the next few days.
If any of you guys want to request a idea or plot line Ill work that into one, but i can always come up with my own of course ^.^

Team Rocket's spectacular Halloween Adventure Finalbarrysnewsigcopycopy

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