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Gym Leader / Elite 5 Rules & Etiquette

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1--- Gym Leader / Elite 5 Rules & Etiquette on Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:30 pm


Like a Star @ heaven If you are challenged, you have to battle at least 3 times with your opponent in a given day. You can do more if you want, but 3 is the minimum. If your challenger is okay with less than 3 battles, that is their choice.

Like a Star @ heaven If someone beats you and they change forum or PO name, it still counts that they've beaten you. They are the same person, they just have a different screen name.

Like a Star @ heaven Ask your opponent before a match starts if they want the battle to count as a Gym Battle, or just a regular one. They can't decide mid battle that they suddenly want to make it a gym battle. It's just not fair. Just be clear from the beginning!

Like a Star @ heaven You cannot reject a challenge. Even if you have some personal issue with this person, just battle them! You don't have to get in an argument or even talk to them necessarily. Just battle, count the win or loss, and move on.

Like a Star @ heaven If you are going to be busy, please update your Gym or Elite thread so people know they might have to wait a few days before they can battle you.

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